IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Signature Date
46002-P-LR-KA0-004 Liberia Multi-Sector Sovereign LIBERIA - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Program II (EGCSP II) 7,000,000 Implementation 21 Aug 2018
46002-P-MG-KA0-011 Madagascar Multi-Sector Sovereign MADAGASCAR - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase II (PACE II) 10,000,000 Implementation 28 Aug 2018
46002-P-BF-KZ0-001 Burkina Faso Multi-Sector Sovereign BURKINA FASO - Energy Sector Reform Support Programme (PARSE) 15,000,000 Implementation 28 Aug 2018
46002-P-CV-KA0-008 Cape Verde Multi-Sector Sovereign CABO VERDE - Private Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development Programme (PSC-LED) PHASE I 16,627,868 Implementation 02 Aug 2018
46002-P-KE-K00-005 Kenya Multi-Sector Sovereign KENYA - Technical Assistance to Enhance the Capacity of the President Delivery Unit (PDU) 1,200,000 Implementation 07 Aug 2018
46002-P-NA-KA0-002 Namibia Multi-Sector Sovereign NAMIBIA - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase II (EGCSP II) 145,453,840 Implementation 14 Aug 2018
46002-P-TD-E00-005 Chad Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign CHAD - Semi-Urban and Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in Eleven Regions - Phase 1 9,739,006 Implementation 11 Sep 2018
46002-P-TZ-KA0-005 Tanzania, United Republic of Multi-Sector Sovereign TANZANIA - Good Governance and Private Sector Development Programme (GGPSDP) 40,000,000 Implementation 07 Sep 2018
46002-P-GA-K00-007 Gabon Multi-Sector Sovereign GABON - Economic Diversification Support Project (PADEG) 52,162,371 Implementation 08 Aug 2018
46002-P-MG-C00-004 Madagascar Environment Sovereign ETUDE PROJET D'AMÉNAGEMENT DES AIRES PROTÉGÉES ET ÉCOTOURISME 1,000,000 Implementation 28 Aug 2018
46002-P-BI-K00-014 Burundi Multi-Sector Sovereign SUPPORT ENERGY FOR COOKING AND RESTORATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT IN FOUR REFUGEE CAMPS 1,000,000 Implementation 10 Aug 2018
46002-P-CF-IE0-006 Central African Republic Social Sovereign CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Supplementary Grant to the Support Programme for Reconstruction of Grassroots Communities 6,337,281 Implementation 01 Jun 2018
46002-P-Z1-K00-084 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - African Peer Review Mechanism Institutional Support Project (APRM-ISP) 2,000,000 Implementation 26 Apr 2018
46002-P-NE-KZ0-001 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - Appui à la mobilisation des ressources et la mise en œuvre du Plan de Développement Economique et Social 2017-2021 1,000,000 Implementation 25 Jun 2018
46002-P-GM-KA0-009 Gambia Multi-Sector Sovereign GAMBIA - Emergency Budget Support (GEBS) 5,000,000 Implementation 03 May 2018