IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-ZA-K00-005 South Africa Multi-Sector Sovereign South Africa - COVID-19 Response Support Programme (SACRSP) 214,911,300 Approved 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-Z1-IBE-027 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Support to The Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Response in Sao Tome and Principe 500,000 Approved 23 Jun 2020
46002-P-Z1-IBE-022 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Support to the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Response in the SADC Region 6,500,000 Approved 23 Jun 2020
46002-P-MU-H00-004 Mauritius Finance Sovereign STOCK EXCHANGE MAURITIUS (SEM) 430,000 Approved 27 Apr 2020
46002-P-KM-DB0-004 Comoros Transport Sovereign Comoros - Road Network Rehabilitation Project - Rehabilitation of RN2 (Moroni – Foumbouni): Moroni - Ouroveni Section 54,120,000 Approved 10 Dec 2019
46002-P-BJ-KZ0-001 Benin Multi-Sector Sovereign Benin - Multi-Country (Benin-Togo-Guinea) COVID-19 Response Support Programme 5,100,000 Approved 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-BF-KZ0-003 Burkina Faso Multi-Sector Sovereign Burkina Faso - COVID-19 Support Programme in G5 Sahel Countries - Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad (PARC COVID-19 - G5 Sahel) 40,000,000 Approved 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-RW-K00-013 Rwanda Multi-Sector Sovereign Rwanda - Covid-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Program (RCRBS) 71,000,000 Approved 23 Jul 2020
46002-P-Z1-K00-103 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Crisis Response Support Programme for National and Regional Mitigation of Covid-19 Impact (Djibouti and Somalia)-Somalia Component 18,300,000 Approved 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-MG-K00-018 Madagascar Multi-Sector Sovereign Madagascar - Multi-Country Covid-19 Response Support Program (MCRSP) 60,000,000 Approved 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-LR-K00-020 Liberia Multi-Sector Sovereign Liberia - Multi-country Covid-19 crisis response support programme (Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone) 10,150,000 Approved 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-TG-K00-015 Togo Multi-Sector Sovereign Togo - Facilité d'appui aux investissements agricoles des jeunes (FAIAJ) 1,000,000 Approved 26 Jun 2020
46002-P-CF-K00-010 Central African Republic Multi-Sector Sovereign Central African Republic - Covid-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Programme (PABRC) 10,500,000 Approved 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-TG-KZ0-002 Togo Multi-Sector Sovereign Togo - Multi-Country (Benin-Togo-Guinea) COVID-19 Response Support Programme 20,000,000 Approved 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-Z1-IB0-037 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Regional Covid-19 Response for East Africa, Horn of Africa and Union of the Comoros 536,457 Approved 26 Jun 2020