IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-DB0-222 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - The Mueda – Negomano Road Project Phase II 24,090,000 Approved 25 Nov 2019
46002-P-ZW-AA0-018 Zimbabwe Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Zimbabwe - Africa Disaster Risk Financing (ADRiFi) Capacity-building Project 500,000 Approved 22 Jan 2020
46002-P-BF-FF0-006 Burkina Faso Power Sovereign Burkina Faso - Desert to Power” Initiative – Yeleen Solar Plant Development and National Power System Reinforcement Project 39,023,220 Approved 28 Nov 2019
46002-P-MG-FA0-019 Madagascar Power Sovereign Madagascar - The Power Transmission Network Reinforcement and Interconnection Project (PRIRTEM) 27,820,000 Approved 16 Dec 2019
46002-P-LR-FA0-001 Liberia Power Sovereign Liberia - Renewable Energy for Electrification in Liberia (REEL Project) 6,590,000 Approved 31 Oct 2019
46002-P-MR-AAZ-006 Mauritania Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mauritania - "Aide d'urgence aux victimes des inondations de la Wilaya du Guidamakha" (Version française uniquement) 664,149 Approved 28 Oct 2019
46002-P-LS-GB0-003 Lesotho Communications Sovereign Kingdom of Lesotho - eGovernment Infrastructure Phase II 10,180,000 Approved 17 Oct 2019
46002-P-NG-FA0-011 Nigeria Power Sovereign Nigeria - Nigeria Transmission Expansion Project Phase 1 116,198,845 Approved 26 Nov 2019
46002-P-SN-AAG-003 Senegal Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Senegal - The South Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project (PZTA-Sud, or Agropole Sud) 35,474,710 Approved 18 Dec 2019
46002-P-CD-AB0-007 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign République Démocratique du Congo - Projet d'appui au développement intégré de l'économie rurale 2,100,000 Approved 21 Nov 2019
46002-P-Z1-H00-072 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Projet d’Appui au Démarrage du Marché Financier Unifié d’Afrique Centrale (Projet AMFUAC) 783,328 Approved 21 Nov 2019
46002-P-CM-KA0-015 Cameroon Multi-Sector Sovereign Cameroon - Competitiveness and Economic Growth Support Programme, Phase III (PACCE III) 64,266,016 Approved 26 Nov 2019
46002-P-TN-HAB-013 Tunisia Finance Sovereign Tunisia - BH Bank (formerly known as Banque de l’Habitat) 83,846,192 Approved 26 Jun 2019
46002-P-TN-FA0-008 Tunisia Power Sovereign Tunisia - Project to develop and equip the Power Transmission Grid (PAERTE) 87,387,124 Approved 09 Oct 2019
46002-P-Z1-DB0-218 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational (DRC/CONGO) - Project to construct access Roads to the Road-Rail Bridge over the Congo River 80,000,000 Approved 16 Dec 2019