IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-G-Z1-ID0-STY-001 Multinational Social Sovereign Research Project on Trade, Employment and Gender: an African Perspective 12,179 Cancelled 05 Oct 2011
46002-P-ZA-F00-004 South Africa Power Sovereign South Africa - Eskom Renewable Energy Project 143,408,427 Cancelled 30 May 2011
46002-P-Z1-DB0-080 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Nacala Road Corridor Studies–Feasibility Study for the Malawi-Zambia and Mozambique-Malawi One-Stop 395,307 Cancelled 25 Nov 2009
46002-P-ML-IAD-001 Mali Social Sovereign Mali - Bamako Digital Complex Support Project 14,000,000 Cancelled 07 Sep 2011
46002-P-TN-EAZ-003 Tunisia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Tunisie - Projet «Élaboration de la Vision et de la Stratégie Eau 2050» 1,049,351 Cancelled 10 Jan 2011
46002-P-ML-AA0-018 Mali Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mali - Markala Sugar Project - Agricultural Component 28,970,000 Cancelled 06 Dec 2010
46002-P-NA-DA0-001 Namibia Transport Sovereign Namibia - Feasibility studies, Preliminary design and Master plans for the Namibia Airport 594,000 Cancelled 20 Jul 2010
46002-P-SC-AAF-005 Seychelles Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mariculture Master Plan 28,035 Cancelled 08 Jun 2010
46002-G-TZ-ID0-ZZZ-001 Tanzania, United Republic of Social Sovereign Capacity Building Gender Statistics in Tanzania 41,103 Cancelled 04 Aug 2010
46002-P-CF-AB0-002 Central African Republic Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Central African Republic - Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Support Project (PARIR) 3,850,000 Cancelled 17 Dec 2009
46002-P-MR-BAA-003 Mauritania Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Société Nationale industrielle et minière (SNIM) Guelb II FAPA Grant 702,539 Cancelled 22 Oct 2009
46002-P-CF-E00-001 Central African Republic Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Central African Republic - Project for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in three Divisional Headquarters and Surrounding Rural Areas 3,324,367 Cancelled 03 Nov 2009
46002-P-LR-EAZ-001 Liberia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Liberia - Water Sector Reform Study 923,235 Cancelled 13 Jan 2009
46002-P-GQ-K00-004 Equatorial Guinea Multi-Sector Sovereign Projet d'appui à la mise en oeuvre du plan national de développement économique et social (PNDES) 395,515 Cancelled 10 Apr 2009
46002-P-BF-DB0-015 Burkina Faso Transport Sovereign Burkina Faso - Project to Rehabilitate the Koupela - Bittou - Cinkanse - Togo Border Road and the Mogande Access Road 245,843 Cancelled 31 Mar 2009