IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SO-IZ0-009 Somalia Social Sovereign Somalia - Humanitarian Emergency Assistance to Cyclone and Flood Victims 715,317 Completion 11 Sep 2018
46002-P-NE-KA0-013 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - Support to reforms and Economic Resilience Programme - Phase 2 20,000,000 Completion 27 Nov 2018
46002-G-TN-KZ0-ZZZ-005 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Souk At-Tanmia Tatweer 87,859 Completion 22 Nov 2018
46002-P-CD-IB0-001 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Social Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - "Aide humanitaire d'urgence pour la lutte contre l'épidémie de fièvre hémorragique Ebola dans la province du nord-Kivu" (Version française uniquement) 521,598 Completion 10 Oct 2018
46002-P-GW-AA0-012 Guinea-Bissau Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Guinea-Bissau - Aide d'urgence pour la lutte contre l'invasion de la chenille légionnaire d'automne 513,941 Completion 08 Jun 2018
46002-P-SL-HAB-002 Sierra Leone Finance Non Sovereign Sierra Leone - US$ 3 million Line of Credit to Union Trust Bank (UTB) 1,283,640 Completion 26 Sep 2017
46002-P-GM-KA0-009 Gambia Multi-Sector Sovereign Gambia - Emergency Budget Support (GEBS) 5,000,000 Completion 26 Mar 2018
46002-P-MR-K00-017 Mauritania Multi-Sector Sovereign Mauritania - Economic Reforms and Diversification Support Programme - Phase II (PAREDE II) 4,000,000 Completion 15 Dec 2017
46002-P-KE-AA0-019 Kenya Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Kenya - Emergency Humanitarian Relief Assistance to the Population affected by Drought and Famine 476,831 Completion 03 Jul 2017
46002-P-CF-K00-007 Central African Republic Multi-Sector Sovereign Central African Republic - Economic And Financial Reforms Support Programme (PAREF), Phase II 7,000,000 Completion 29 Jan 2018
46002-P-CM-I00-006 Cameroon Social Sovereign Cameroon - Aide humanitaire d’urgence aux réfugiés de l’extrême-nord du Cameroun (Version française uniquement) 478,931 Completion 12 Jul 2017
46002-P-NE-KA0-012 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - Support to Reforms and Economic Resilience Programme 30,000,000 Completion 10 Jan 2018
46002-P-ML-KA0-007 Mali Multi-Sector Sovereign Mali - Economic Growth Support Programme - Phase I (PACE - I) 18,000,000 Completion 15 Dec 2017
46002-P-TG-KA0-002 Togo Multi-Sector Sovereign Togo - Governance and Agribusiness Promotion Support Programme (PAGPA) 9,530,000 Completion 05 Dec 2017
46002-P-MG-K00-011 Madagascar Multi-Sector Sovereign Madagascar - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase I (PACE-I) 10,000,000 Completion 28 Nov 2017