IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-FF0-024 Multinational Power Non Sovereign Multinational - The COVID-19 Off-Grid Recovery Platform (CRP)- Sima Fund I 4,255,416 Completion 01 Dec 2020
46002-P-Z1-FF0-022 Multinational Power Non Sovereign Multinational - The COVID-19 Off-Grid Recovery Platform (CRP)- Facility for energy inclusion off-grid Energy Access Fund 5,015,311 Completion 01 Dec 2020
46002-P-UG-K00-009 Uganda Multi-Sector Sovereign Uganda - Covid-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Program (CRSP) 23,000,000 Completion 24 Jul 2020
46002-P-SD-KF0-007 Sudan Multi-Sector Sovereign Sudan - Arrears Clearance Proposal 295,556,862 Completion 23 Apr 2021
46002-P-ML-I00-008 Mali Social Sovereign Mali - Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons Project (PAHU-PDI) 103,829 Completion 09 Mar 2021
46002-P-SL-E00-013 Sierra Leone Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Sierra Leone - Proposal for utilisation of savings from emergency humanitarian relief assistance to flood victims project towards emergency covid-19 relief assistance for water, sanitation and hygiene improvement 163,005 Completion 27 Oct 2020
46002-P-NA-K00-004 Namibia Multi-Sector Sovereign Namibia - Governance and Economic Recovery Support Programme (GERSP) 67,207,613 Completion 17 Mar 2021
46002-P-CM-IAE-009 Cameroon Social Sovereign Cameroon - Support Project for Entrepreneurship Promotion, Skills Improvement and Competitiveness in the Construction, Transport and Energy Sectors 205,000 Completion 22 Dec 2020
46002-P-MG-AA0-042 Madagascar Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Madagascar - Emergency humanitarian aid following the combined impact of the drought and the covid-19 pandemic in the Great South of Madagascar 476,124 Completion 21 Dec 2020
46002-P-ML-KA0-009 Mali Multi-Sector Sovereign Mali - COVID-19 Support Programme in G5 Sahel Countries - Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad (PARC COVID-19 - G5 Sahel) 36,000,000 Completion 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-KM-K00-009 Comoros Multi-Sector Sovereign Comoros - COVID-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Programme for the Union of the Comoros (PABRC) 15,000,000 Completion 06 Nov 2020
46002-P-NG-KA0-006 Nigeria Multi-Sector Sovereign Nigeria - COVID-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Programme 216,780,379 Completion 05 Jun 2020
46002-P-CI-AAA-005 Cote d'Ivoire Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Cote d'Ivoire - Cocoa Pre-Export and Value Chain Trade Finance Support Facility -Sucres & Denrees (SUCDEN) 82,917,364 Completion 05 Jun 2019
46002-P-ZA-K00-005 South Africa Multi-Sector Sovereign South Africa - COVID-19 Response Support Programme (SACRSP) 219,886,811 Completion 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-Z1-IBE-022 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Support to the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Response in the SADC Region 6,500,000 Completion 23 Jun 2020