IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-FA0-115 Multinational Power Sovereign Multinational - The Interconnection of Electric Grids of Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries (Supplementary Loan to the Republic of Uganda) 985,725 Completion 15 Nov 2016
46002-P-TZ-EAZ-003 Tanzania, United Republic of Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Tanzania - The Kikonge Multipurpose Dam, Hydropower and Irrigation Project 1,594,968 Completion 27 Jun 2016
46002-P-Z1-HAA-085 Multinational Finance Non Sovereign Multinational - African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) Trade Finance Package - Line of Credit 209,970,814 Completion 29 Mar 2017
46002-P-CI-KA0-009 Cote d'Ivoire Multi-Sector Sovereign Côte d'Ivoire - Economic Governance and Growth Support Programme (PAGEC) 36,232,000 Completion 14 Jul 2017
46002-P-MA-K00-013 Morocco Multi-Sector Sovereign Morocco - Industrialization Acceleration Support Programme in Morocco – Phase I (PAAIM I) 152,109,762 Completion 14 Jul 2017
46002-P-Z1-KF0-052 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - CAFRAD Transformation Support Project (PAT-CAFRAD) 479,000 Completion 29 Mar 2017
46002-P-CD-KF0-010 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Multi-Sector Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Support Project for Consolidation of the Economic Fabric (PACTE) 4,190,000 Completion 30 Mar 2017
46002-P-MW-KB0-002 Malawi Multi-Sector Sovereign Malawi - Malawi Nacala Rail and Port Value Addition Project 723,379 Completion 23 May 2017
46002-P-NG-IAD-001 Nigeria Social Non Sovereign Nigeria - Afe Babalola University 28,564,713 Completion 19 Oct 2016
46002-P-CD-I00-007 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Social Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Aide humanitaire d'urgence aux populations victimes des désastres causés par des pluies dans la ville de Boma (Version française uniquement) 737,001 Completion 04 May 2017
46002-P-KM-DB0-005 Comoros Transport Sovereign Comoros - Road Network Rehabilitation Project 15,165,000 Completion 23 Jan 2017
46002-P-SL-E00-007 Sierra Leone Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Sierra Leone - Three Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project 669,426 Completion 22 Feb 2017
46002-P-TD-KF0-014 Chad Multi-Sector Sovereign Chad - Support Project for the Improvement of Economic Programming, Institutional Management and the Business Environment 650,000 Completion 17 May 2017
46002-P-ET-E00-014 Ethiopia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Ethiopia - Support to the One Water, Sanitation and Hygiene National Program (OWNP) - additional financing 2,280,000 Completion 30 Mar 2017
46002-P-NA-K00-007 Namibia Multi-Sector Sovereign Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP) 132,270,466 Completion 10 May 2017