IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-MU-DD0-001 Mauritius Transport Sovereign Mauritius - Preliminary Technical Study and Design of Island Terminal and Breakwater Structure at Port Louis Harbour 1,180,000 Completion 27 May 2015
46002-P-SC-EA0-005 Seychelles Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Seychelles - Integrated and Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan 889,410 Completion 22 Dec 2014
46002-P-MR-AAC-009 Mauritania Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mauritanie - Mécanisme de préparation (PPF) des études techniques du Pahabo II 638,640 Completion 11 May 2015
46002-P-GW-KA0-008 Guinea-Bissau Multi-Sector Sovereign Guinea-Bissau - Emergency Economic and Financial Reform Support Programme 5,000,000 Completion 13 May 2015
46002-P-TZ-K00-014 Tanzania, United Republic of Multi-Sector Sovereign Tanzania - Power Sector Reform and Governance Support Programme (PSRGSP) 50,000,000 Completion 20 May 2015
46002-P-Z1-KF0-044 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Crisis response: Technical Assistance to African Union to support countries most affected with ebola 1,587,510 Completion 26 Jan 2015
46002-P-Z1-AAZ-023 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Multinational - Programme to Build Resilience to Food and Nutrition Insecurity in the Sahel (P2RS) 22,250,000 Completion 16 Mar 2015
46002-P-EG-KF0-001 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Egypt - Support to Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development for Enhancing Egypt-COMESA Trade and Investment Project 1,200,000 Completion 29 Apr 2015
46002-P-EG-KF0-002 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Egypt - Strengthening the Institute of National Planning Project 1,200,000 Completion 07 May 2015
46002-P-LR-IBE-002 Liberia Social Sovereign Liberia - Strengthening West Africa’s Public Health Systems Response to the Ebola Crisis (SWAPHS) 1,200,000 Completion 18 Aug 2014
46002-P-Z1-EAZ-041 Multinational Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Multinational - Feasibility study of the Nyimur Multipurpose Water Resources Project 1,601,282 Completion 21 Nov 2014
46002-P-MZ-EAZ-002 Mozambique Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Mozambique - Feasibility Studies for Building Climate Resilience of Limpopo Basin in Mozambique 3,455,947 Completion 03 Oct 2014
46002-P-CD-C00-037 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Environment Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Working with Communities to Reduce Deforestation and Alleviate Poverty Project in the Virunga-Hoyo Region 2,062,249 Completion 28 Nov 2014
46002-P-SL-IBE-003 Sierra Leone Social Sovereign Multinational - Strengthening West Africa’s Public Health Systems Response to the Ebola Crisis (SWAPHS) 1,200,000 Completion 18 Aug 2014
46002-P-SC-GB0-003 Seychelles Communications Sovereign Seychelles – Development of Quality of Service Standards and Regulations for the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sector in Seychelles and provide capacity building for the regulatory staff of the Department of Information Communications Technology 102,000 Completion 03 Nov 2014