IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SL-IBE-003 Sierra Leone Social Sovereign Multinational - Strengthening West Africa’s Public Health Systems Response to the Ebola Crisis (SWAPHS) 1,200,000 Completion 18 Aug 2014
46002-P-SC-GB0-003 Seychelles Communications Sovereign Seychelles – Development of Quality of Service Standards and Regulations for the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sector in Seychelles and provide capacity building for the regulatory staff of the Department of Information Communications Technology 102,000 Completion 03 Nov 2014
46002-P-ZA-EAZ-004 South Africa Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign South Africa - Social Franchising for Operations and Maintenance of School Sanitation Facilities and Demonstration of on-site Faecal Sludge Treatment 979,655 Completion 12 Dec 2014
46002-P-CM-I00-001 Cameroon Social Sovereign Cameroun - Proposition visant l’octroi d’un don de 1 000 000 de dollars EU au titre de l’aide humanitaire d’urgence aux réfugiés 711,040 Completion 13 Jan 2015
46002-P-AO-IAD-001 Angola Social Sovereign Angola - Studies on the financing and involvement of the private sector in higher education in Angola 398,478 Completion 14 Feb 2014
46002-P-AO-AAZ-002 Angola Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Angola - Cabinda province agriculture development study 266,559 Completion 22 Dec 2014
46002-P-GA-K00-006 Gabon Multi-Sector Sovereign Gabon - Projet d’appui à la chambre de commerce, d’agriculture, d’industrie, des mines et de l’artisanat du Gabon (CCAIMAG) 785,168 Completion 14 Oct 2014
46002-P-MG-KF0-002 Madagascar Multi-Sector Sovereign Madagascar - Assistance technique au Ministère de l’Economie et de la Planification (MEP) pour le Costing du Plan National du Développement (PND) 34,147 Completion 10 Dec 2014
46002-P-NG-HB0-006 Nigeria Finance Sovereign Nigeria - Trade mispricing the hidden drainage of resources out of Nigeria (MIC/ TAF Grant) 189,810 Completion 18 Nov 2014
46002-P-DZ-G00-002 Algeria Communications Sovereign Algeria - Reframing of the e-Algeria strategy and elaboration of the e-governance implementation approach 798,652 Completion 10 Feb 2014
46002-P-Z1-K00-060 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Multinational Statistical Capacity Building Program for Managing for Development Results 10,000,000 Completion 26 Nov 2014
46002-P-MG-IBE-003 Madagascar Social Sovereign Madagascar - Aide humanitaire d’urgence pour la lutte contre l’épidémie de peste 724,905 Completion 23 Dec 2014
46002-P-Z1-K00-062 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Project to promote intra-african investment, institutional and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) capacity building 263,369 Completion 18 Nov 2014
46002-P-SC-K00-007 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Technical Assistance for development of public/private partnership legal, regulatory and operational framework 372,739 Completion 14 Nov 2014
46002-P-BI-KA0-005 Burundi Multi-Sector Sovereign Burundi - Economic and Governance Reform Support Programme - Phase I 7,000,000 Completion 18 Dec 2014