IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-TD-KF0-009 Chad Multi-Sector Sovereign Chad - Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building Project to Prepare Chad for the Completion Point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (PATRC/IPPTE) 1,400,000 Completion 05 Mar 2014
46002-P-SS-D00-001 South Sudan Transport Sovereign South Sudan - Technical Assistance for the Development of the Transport Sector Project 455,000 Completion 26 Nov 2013
46002-P-RW-IZ0-003 Rwanda Social Sovereign Rwanda - Skills, Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme (SEEP) II 49,000,000 Completion 07 May 2014
46002-P-GN-EAZ-001 Guinea Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Guinea - Study on Institutional Support for the National Water Point Management Service 380,251 Completion 22 Jan 2014
46002-P-BI-IZ0-003 Burundi Social Sovereign Burundi - Aide humanitaire d’urgence aux victimes des inondations de la ville de Bujumbura 646,876 Completion 02 Apr 2014
46002-P-SO-KF0-005 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia - Technical assistance expert in aid coordination project 90,577 Completion 17 Apr 2014
46002-P-RW-I00-003 Rwanda Social Sovereign Rwanda - Integrated Household Living Condition Survey Project 820,000 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-NE-EAZ-004 Niger Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Niger - Development and Implementation of the National Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management (PANGIRE) 821,913 Completion 23 Dec 2013
46002-P-MR-EAZ-009 Mauritania Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Mauritania - National Integrated Rural Water Sector Project 838,668 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-NG-KF0-002 Nigeria Multi-Sector Sovereign Nigeria - Capacity Development Program for members of the NASS committees on Finance, appropriation members 144,755 Completion 28 Mar 2014
46002-P-SO-KF0-001 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia - Economic and Financial Governance Institutional Support Project 2,500,000 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-Z1-EAZ-040 Multinational Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Multinational - Réalisation des études préliminaires des infrastructures à buts multiples du Programme Intégré de Développement Agricole et d’Adaptation au Changement Climatique dans le bassin du fleuve Niger (PIDAACC/BN) 764,118 Completion 19 Dec 2013
46002-P-Z1-KF0-036 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Third Strategic Medium Term Plan (SMTP III) 3,000,000 Completion 17 Feb 2014
46002-P-KE-FZ0-004 Kenya Power Non Sovereign Kenya - Lake Turkana Wind Power Project 92,316,830 Completion 26 Apr 2013
46002-P-KE-FZ0-005 Kenya Power Non Sovereign Kenya - Lake Turkana Wind Power Project 4,013,774 Completion 26 Apr 2013