IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-ZW-KF0-005 Zimbabwe Multi-Sector Sovereign Zimbabwe - Governance and Institutional Strengthening Project 5,200,000 Completion 12 Dec 2013
46002-P-ZW-DB0-005 Zimbabwe Transport Sovereign Zimbabwe - National Transport Sector Master Plan Study 880,000 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-ZW-FA0-002 Zimbabwe Power Sovereign Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project – Phase II 10,024,459 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-ZW-FA0-003 Zimbabwe Power Sovereign Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - Phase I 3,302,741 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-ZW-IE0-002 Zimbabwe Social Sovereign Zimbabwe - Youth and Tourism Enhancement Project 2,700,000 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-P-MZ-CB0-001 Mozambique Environment Sovereign Mozambique - Emergency Assistance for Humanitarian Relief related to the 2013 Floods Disaster in the Southern Province of Gaza 646,985 Completion 18 Oct 2013
46002-P-SD-KA0-006 Sudan Multi-Sector Sovereign Sudan - Public Financial and Macroeconomic Management Capacity Building Project 2,778,115 Completion 17 Dec 2013
46002-P-Z1-KF0-023 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Mano River Union 942,640 Completion 01 Oct 2013
46002-P-Z1-DD0-014 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Project Preparatory Study for Development of Mpulungu Port 1,066,562 Completion 14 Oct 2013
46002-P-BF-AAD-003 Burkina Faso Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Burkina Faso - Gazetted Forests Participatory Management Project for REDD+ (PGFC/REDD+) 8,414,983 Completion 28 Nov 2013
46002-P-CD-K00-009 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Multi-Sector Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Statistics and Public Finance Institutional Support Project (PAI-STATFIN) 10,960,000 Completion 23 Oct 2013
46002-P-KM-KF0-007 Comoros Multi-Sector Sovereign Comores - Projet d’appui à la stratégie de croissance accélérée et de développement durable (SCADD) 241,000 Completion 21 Nov 2013
46002-P-MA-IB0-003 Morocco Social Sovereign Projet d'appui technique pour l’élaboration d’un système d’information décisionnel de la carte sanitaire au Maroc 380,800 Completion 30 Jul 2013
46002-P-TZ-K00-013 Tanzania, United Republic of Multi-Sector Sovereign Tanzania - Governance and Economic Competitiveness Support Programme – Supplementary Financing 38,400,429 Completion 17 Dec 2013
46002-P-Z1-DD0-015 Multinational Transport Sovereign Study for PPP port projects in Africa 348,625 Completion 19 Dec 2013