IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SZ-K00-005 Eswatini Multi-Sector Sovereign Eswatini - Support for Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth Program (SERIG) Phase I 27,356,246 Implementation 24 Nov 2021
46002-P-GQ-IAE-006 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Guinée Equatoriale - Etudes de faisabilité du Projet d’appui au renforcement du capital humain (PARCH) 425,000 Implementation 23 Dec 2021
46002-P-NG-J00-004 Nigeria Urban Development Sovereign Nigeria - Family Homes Funds Project 45,593,744 Implementation 22 Sep 2021
46002-P-GM-KF0-004 Gambia Multi-Sector Sovereign Gambia - Debt Management and Domestic Revenue Institutional Support Project (DMDR-ISP) 1,000,000 Implementation 17 Dec 2021
46002-P-NG-E00-014 Nigeria Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Nigeria - Nigeria Urban Water Sector Reform and Akure Water Supply and Sanitation Project 79,181,136 Implementation 19 Nov 2021
46002-P-DJ-AA0-007 Djibouti Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Djibouti - Emergency aid for the rehabilitation of water infrastructures damaged by the April 2021 floods 297,552 Implementation 13 Dec 2021
46002-P-CI-KF0-004 Cote d'Ivoire Multi-Sector Sovereign Cote d'Ivoire - Business Climate Improvement Support Programme for the Structural Transformation of the Ivorian Economy (PACA-CI) - Phase I 10,000,000 Implementation 24 Jan 2022
46002-P-Z1-BZ0-012 Multinational Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Multinational - Development of The Pharmaceutical Industry in The ECOWAS Region 2,500,000 Implementation 25 Jan 2022
46002-P-RW-BG0-002 Rwanda Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Rwanda - Enhancing the quality of industrial policies in Rwanda 409,134 Implementation 30 Mar 2021
46002-P-CD-GB0-003 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Communications Sovereign République Démocratique du Congo - Projet d’appui à la préparation de la composante de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) de la Dorsale à fibre optique d’Afrique Centrale (CAB) 743,881 Implementation 06 Dec 2021
46002-P-LR-IB0-003 Liberia Social Sovereign Liberia - Results based management programme : monitoring and evaluation of health activities in Liberia 1,000,000 Implementation 29 Nov 2021
46002-P-SO-DB0-004 Somalia Transport Sovereign Somalia - Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of Upgrading Hargeisa - Odweine - Burao Road 762,602 Implementation 10 Apr 2021
46002-P-SO-KF0-013 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia - Strenghtening PFM and Debt Management Project 2,000,000 Implementation 29 Nov 2021
46002-P-SO-KF0-011 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia – Statistics Development Support Project for Somalia 3,000,000 Implementation 14 Feb 2022
46002-P-CD-D00-006 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Transport Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo- The Bukavu-Goma Road Development and Asphalting Project, Phase 1, Bukavu-Nyamukubi Section 70,000,000 Implementation 26 Nov 2021