IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-LR-KB0-001 Liberia Multi-Sector Sovereign Liberia - Youth entrepreneurship and employment project (YEEP) 1,709,788 Implementation 26 Apr 2016
46002-P-TN-A00-008 Tunisia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Tunisie - Etudes de la gestion des risques et de la mise en place d'un système d'assurance et de micro-assurance agricole en Tunisie 325,000 Implementation 02 Aug 2016
46002-P-SS-E00-002 South Sudan Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign South Sudan - Resilient Water Project for Improved Livelihoods in Juba Project 4,950,000 Implementation 14 Jul 2016
46002-P-ET-FA0-011 Ethiopia Power Sovereign Ethiopia - Mekele-Dallol and Semera-Afdera Power Supply for Industrial Development and Access Scale-up Project 78,604,490 Implementation 14 Jul 2016
46002-G-TN-I00-ZZZ-002 Tunisia Social Sovereign Supporting the Design & Imlementation of Economic & Social Reforms for Inclusive Growth 1,326,663 Implementation 01 Sep 2016
46002-P-MA-EAZ-005 Morocco Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Morocco - Subcontracting project with commercial risk for the management of water supply networks in rural areas 968,264 Implementation 22 Oct 2015
46002-P-MA-E00-010 Morocco Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Morocco - Drinking Water Quality and Service Improvement Project 70,914,910 Implementation 08 Jun 2016
46002-P-SN-AAG-001 Senegal Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Senegal - Integrated Agro-industrial Rice Project - “Compagnie Agricole de Saint-Louis du Senegal” 11,118,713 Implementation 22 Jun 2016
46002-P-NA-HAA-004 Namibia Finance Non Sovereign Namibia - Development Bank of Namibia 198,405,699 Implementation 09 Jul 2015
46002-P-GN-K00-009 Guinea Multi-Sector Sovereign Guinea - Support Project for Building the Administration’s Capacity for Integrated Project Management (PARCA-GPI) 6,000,000 Implementation 15 Jul 2016
46002-P-Z1-DB0-170 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Busega-Mpigi and Kagitumba-Kayonza-Rusumo Roads Project 66,560,000 Implementation 22 Jun 2016
46002-P-Z1-DB0-164 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Road Development and Transport Facilitation Programme within the Mano River Union (Additional Loan - Liberia) 24,805,000 Implementation 03 Jun 2015
46002-P-ZA-F00-005 South Africa Power Non Sovereign South Africa - ESKOM II Power project 233,340,711 Implementation 15 Dec 2015
46002-P-ZA-F00-006 South Africa Power Non Sovereign South Africa - ESKOM II Loan 7,684,386 Implementation 15 Dec 2015
46002-P-SN-F00-005 Senegal Power Non Sovereign Senegal - Sendou Coal Power Project Supplementary Loan 4,009,398 Implementation 30 Oct 2015