IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-F00-130 Multinational Power Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - Desert to Power Initiative West Africa Regional Energy Program – Phase I 1,390,000 Implementation 01 Jul 2021
46002-P-Z1-D00-047 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Pointe-Noire-Brazzaville-Bangui-Ndjamena Multimodal Transport Corridor Development Project, Phase I 209,420,000 Implementation 10 Nov 2021
46002-P-ST-H00-003 Sao Tome and Principe Finance Sovereign Sao Tome and Principe - Zuntamon Lusophone Compact Initiative - Phase I 7,500,000 Implementation 06 Oct 2021
46002-P-CI-E00-006 Cote d'Ivoire Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Cote d'Ivoire - Project to Improve Sanitation and the Living Environment in the Autonomous District of Abidjan (PAACA) 37,291,008 Implementation 15 Sep 2021
46002-P-TZ-D00-009 Tanzania, United Republic of Transport Sovereign Tanzania - Mnivata Newala Masasi (160 Km) Road Upgrading Project 80,530,000 Implementation 22 Sep 2021
46002-P-CI-J00-002 Cote d'Ivoire Urban Development Sovereign Cote d'Ivoire - Pilot Support for the Mobilisation of Municipal Revenue (PAMREC) 3,000,000 Implementation 01 Oct 2021
46002-P-CD-AAG-006 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Ngandajika Agro-Industrial Development Support Programme (PRODAN) 50,000,000 Implementation 19 Nov 2021
46002-P-MZ-FA0-021 Mozambique Power Sovereign Mozambique - Mozambique Energy for ALL (MEFA) 25,900,000 Implementation 29 Sep 2021
46002-P-MA-AA0-011 Morocco Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Morocco - Inclusive and Sustainable Development Project for Agricultural and Rural Areas (PADIDZAR) 87,857,307 Implementation 27 Oct 2021
46002-P-GH-HA0-001 Ghana Finance Sovereign Ghana - Development Bank Ghana (DBG) 28,390,000 Implementation 12 Nov 2021
46002-P-ZM-AA0-038 Zambia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Zambia - Mitigating Impact of COVID-19 on Household Food Security (C19-HFS) 1,052,022 Implementation 05 May 2021
46002-P-BI-F00-004 Burundi Power Sovereign Burundi - Energy Access Project - Phase 1 20,000,000 Implementation 17 Sep 2021
46002-P-MG-F00-006 Madagascar Power Sovereign Madagascar - Power Transmission Network Reinforcement and Interconnection Project in Madagascar - Phase II (PRIRTEM-II) 30,000,000 Implementation 11 Dec 2020
46002-P-Z1-F00-126 Multinational Power Sovereign Multinational - Establishment of a Regional Project Acceleration Unit in Central African Power Pool (CAPP) 2,170,000 Implementation 06 Oct 2021
46002-P-MZ-AAG-008 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign MOZAMBIQUE - Climate Insurance Finance and Resilience Project (CLINFIREP) 30,000,000 Implementation 08 Jul 2021