Support to parliament Building Capacity and Mainstreaming Inclusive Growth and Decentralization

Project Summary

Approval Date 11 Jun 2014
Signature Date 11 Jun 2014
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Multi-Sector
DAC Sector Code 11330
Commitment U.A 1,986,370.89
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The project will seek to build capacities of the Parliament’s permanent staffers who will be working with and assisting the soon-to-be elected Members of Parliament. Special focus will be on staffers working alongside Members of Parliament in the Specialized Committees. Following a needs assessment, a total of 800 staffers will be trained on subjects ranging from basic training to more technical training such as the drafting of resolutions. The project will also review the new unicameral organizational structure that is being formulated, and enhance it by developing terms of reference for each specialized committee as well as job descriptions for the main staffer positions in these committees with the objective of establishing a framework for performance evaluation. The project will upgrade the information technology equipment used in Parliament, such as computers, archiving systems, e-voting and registration systems etc. Finally, a case study on mainstreaming social inclusion and decentralization will be implemented to provide staffs and Members of Parliament with tangible tools and knowledge to further mainstream these important concepts. Component 1: Capacity Building of Parliament’s Permanent Staff, with a focus on staffers involved in Committees Component 2: Institutional Development Component 3: Case-Study: Mainstreaming Social Inclusion and Decentralization Component 4: Project Management

Project Objectives

The project’s objective is to enhance the performance of the Egyptian Parliament towards increased efficiency and effectiveness in response to the demand for improved social justice.


The project direct beneficiaries are the parliament staffers, with a focus on staffers who work in the Parliament Committees alongside the elected Members of Parliament. They will be the direct recipient of the training and capacity building. The indirect beneficiaries will be the Egyptian citizens at large who will benefit from the increased efficiency and effectiveness of the parliament in conducting its legislative and oversight functions.

Participating Organization

MENA Transition Fund
African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-G-EG-KZ0-ZZZ-002
Last Update 16 May 2021


Contact Details

Name Siham Mohamed Ahmed

Geographic Location

Country Egypt