Benin - Support Project for Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme (PAPC)

Project Summary

Approval Date 26 Sep 2019
Signature Date 15 Nov 2019
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2025
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Dec 2025
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Water Supply & Sanitation
DAC Sector Code 14022
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 48,686,657.46
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme, initiated by the Government of Benin, complements the road asphalting and household waste management modernization programmes of Grand-Nokoué. The Support Project for the Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme (PAPC) is the AfDB’s contribution to the implementation of the Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme. The overall programme, which stems from the city’s Stormwater Drainage Master Plan, is expected to be implemented over a period of six years, four of which will be devoted to the implementation of the components financed by the Bank. The total cost of the programme is EUR 397.63 million, including EUR 61.00 million from the Bank. The PAPC will cover the 6th and 10th districts of the Cotonou Municipality. It will mainly involve: (1) the construction of a 220,500 cubic-metre retention basin; (2) the construction of 33,140 linear metres of collectors and gutters; (3) the construction and paving of 12,220 linear metres of road; (4) the reconstruction and equipping of: (i) the Benin School for the Deaf; (ii) Vèdoko 2 Government Primary School; and (iii) a community health centre laboratory; (5) capacity-building for the Cotonou City Council (logistics and training) and for women and youths; and (6) awareness-raising for behaviour change to reduce flood risks and promote adaptation to climate change in Cotonou.

Project Objectives

The main objective of the programme is to reduce the population’s vulnerability to floods, promote the construction of socio-economic infrastructure and kick-start Benin’s economic and social development. The specific objectives are to: (i) limit flooding, which causes damage to nearby houses and infrastructure, and standing water in the city; (ii) ensure water drainage to improve health conditions; (iii) inform, educate and communicate with the population on hygiene, waste, sanitation and the implementation of the programme; and (iv) improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of many poor neighbourhoods through the construction of related urban facilities.


The direct programme beneficiaries are 785 278 inhabitants, 400 392 of them women, of the city of Cotonou, particularly the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods drained by the Qc and Pa2 collectors estimated at 99 315. The programme-affected population, which will be compensated, is 1,766 persons. The other programme beneficiaries will be the users of feeder roads in various neighbourhoods and carriers for whom many streets will be graded and paved, thus facilitating movement.

Participating Organization

Government Of Benin
African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-BJ-EBC-002
Last Update 20 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Name Zounoubaté N'ZOMBIE

Geographic Location

Country Benin
Coordinates Location Name
6.36736 2.4225 Cotonou