Democratic Republic of Congo - Nyumba Ya Akiba Cement Project

Project Summary

Approval Date 12 Feb 2014
Signature Date 27 Nov 2014
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Non Sovereign
Sector Industry, Minning & Quarrying
DAC Sector Code 32110
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 20,765,988.07
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The present project concerns the Nyumba Ya Akiba Cement project. It consist of a cement production plant, limestone quarry, and associated facilities. The cement plant will be supplemented by limestone and clay from mining concessions located approximately 1.5 km north of the cement plant site. An access road linking the plant to the N1, and a haul road between the quarry and plant (following an existing track), should be constructed, as well as a power line, linking the project to the national energy grid. The total footprint area of the project is approximately 150 ha. The key components of the project include: (i) cement plant; (ii) limestone quarry; (iii) overburden storage facility; (iv) 220 KV powerline (6 km long) to an existing substation; (v) employee accommodation camps (for 300 personnel); (vi) waste management facility; (vii) access and haul roads; (viii) railway connection to the national rail network; (ix) auxiliary facilities (water management infrastructure, package sewage treatment plant, explosives store, etc.).

Project Objectives

The project is a strong show case for foreign investors and assure for the country and the government: (i) reliable and stable source of cement supply, which will address current cement shortage in the country and thereby support economic growth, social and infrastructure development by reducing implementation times and prices in DRC which is currently facing expensive imports; (ii) reliance on best available technologies and environmentally friendly production capacities as compared to existing local competitors; (iii) a catalyst for the growth of SMEs and industrial economy in a fragile country; (iv) substantial positive social effects with technology transfer and training programs; (v) strong macro-economic resilience for DRC stemming from important foreign exchange savings and regional integration.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-CD-B00-001
Last Update 20 Jun 2021


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Geographic Location

Country Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
Coordinates Location Name
-5.59545 14.22012 Kinsua