DRC - The Priority Air Safety Project (PPSA)

Project Summary

Approval Date 27 Sep 2010
Signature Date 02 Nov 2010
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2019
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Jun 2019
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Transport
DAC Sector Code 21050
Environmental Category 2
Commitment U.A 88,600,000
Status Completion

Project General Description

The Priority Air Safety Project (PPSA) is initiated bescause of the advanced dilapidation of airport infrastructure and the obsolescence of air navigation equipment in the DRC induce operational inertia. The project aims to: (i) rehabilitate infrastructure and modernize air navigation equipment in Kinshasa/N’djili, Lubumbashi/Luano, Kisangani/Bangoka and Goma airports, which are DRC’s main airport interfaces; and (ii) carry out crosscutting actions to secure air navigation throughout the country’s airspace and build technical capacity in air navigation control and air transport supervision. The project will also significantly improve the performance of the air transport sub-sector in DRC and boost the country’s image in the area of civil aviation. The project comprises three components, namely: (1) Air Navigation/Safety; (2) Airport Infrastructure; and (3) Institutional Support & Management.

Project Objectives

The project goal is to revamp the air transport sub-sector to enable it play its role in opening up DRC internally and externally. The project outcome is to restore air transport and air navigation safety in the country by: (i) rehabilitating airport infrastructure and air navigation equipment; (ii) building the capacity of technical staff in charge of air traffic control and monitoring the subsector; and (iii) contributing to efforts to ensure the sustainability of RVA activities.


The main project beneficiaries are: (i) the people of DRC; (ii) airlines which will enjoy a reduction in operating costs; (iii) air passengers who will benefit from new air services, more regular flights and greater flight safety; (iv) industrial, commercial and service companies which will have new business opportunities in airports; (v) the RVA; and (vi) the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Government Of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the


IATI identifier 46002-P-CD-DA0-001
Last Update 26 Jan 2023


Contact Details

Name MAKWELA Johnny Gingama
Email j.makwelagingama@afdb.org

Geographic Location

Country Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
Coordinates Location Name
0.5175 25.155 Kisangani
-11.5913 27.5309 Lubumbashi-Luano
-4.38575 15.4446 Ndjili