Congo - Integrated Agricultural Value Chains Development Project (PRODIVAC)

Project Summary

Approval Date 21 Nov 2019
Signature Date 23 Dec 2019
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2025
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 32161
Environmental Category 2
Commitment U.A 60,821,084.64
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Integrated Agricultural Value Chains Development Project in Congo (PRODIVAC) aims to contribute to the improvement of food and nutrition security as well as diversification of the national economy. The project covers primarily the corridors of the major commercial centres of Brazzaville and Pointe Noire, and the farming basins in the departments of Plateaux, Pool, Bouenza, Cuvette and, Niari. PRODIVAC is consistent with the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022) drawn up by the Government of Congo and which targets agriculture as one of the main pillars of diversification, growth, competitiveness, sustainable job creation and poverty reduction, in response to the poor performance of the oil sector. Project activities focuses on four value chains (cassava, maize, poultry and fish) that have been prioritized by the direct stakeholders concerned, based on market demand, their contribution to the national economy (import substitution) and their potential impact on farming households, youth and women. The project comprises the following components: (i) skills development and promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship; (ii) improvement of the productivity and resilience of agricultural production systems; (iii) institutional development and public-private dialogue and (iv) project coordination and management.

Project Objectives

The overall objective is to promote competitive and resilient agriculture through integrated development of agri-food value chains in Congo. The project's specific objectives are to: (i) improve the performance of Agricultural value chains (AVCs); and (ii) improve the business environment conducive to the promotion of profitable small- and medium-sized agricultural enterprises.


The project will impact 355,000 persons in the different segments of the selected agri-food value chains. It will primarily target youths, women and vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples, by increasing employment and income-generating opportunities in production and processing activities. It will do so by enhancing the attractiveness and profitability of such activities, supporting the development of agricultural entrepreneurship, providing adequate advisory support and promoting production-related activities (services, transport, marketing).

Participating Organization

African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-CG-AAG-002
Last Update 03 Dec 2021


Contact Details

Name MENGUE MEDOU Célestine

Geographic Location

Country Congo