Cameroon - Central Africa Optical Fibre Backbone Project - Cameroon Component

Project Summary

Approval Date 09 Jul 2015
Signature Date 29 Oct 2015
Planned Completion Date 30 Dec 2021
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Communications
DAC Sector Code 22020
Commitment U.A 30,433,363.79
Status Implementation

Project General Description

This intervention focuses on the Cameroonian component of the Central Africa Backbone (CAB) project involving the laying of 916 km of optical fibre cables comprising approximately five priority links. The project also envisages the implementation of a number of ICT applications and services (e-Post, e-Banking, Markets and Climate Information System, etc.), and institutional support relating, among others, to feasibility studies for the preparation of the next phase of the project, the setting up of an Optical Fibre Skills Development Centre at ENSPT and support for women’s empowerment. The implementation will span four years with a total cost estimated at UA 36.458 million.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to reduce the impact of the high cost of telecommunications/ICT on the business climate in the sub-region, create all forms of jobs and expand the production of goods and services, thus helping to reduce poverty. It will also generate additional resources for Cameroon not only through induced economic activities within the country itself, but also through taxes on data streams passing through the international underwater cables with landfall points in Cameroon.


In Cameroon, the beneficiaries of the extended project area stands at 2 604 248 persons. For their part, the direct beneficiaries of the direct project impact area total 616 468 persons. These are predominantly rural residents whose main activities are agriculture and stockbreeding. The sector's private operators (CAMPOST, telephone companies, etc.) will also benefit from project achievements, as they would be able to easily extend their services to all localities served by optical fibre facilities. Similarly, they stand to gain from the improved institutional arrangements brought about by the project.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank
Government Of Cameroon


IATI identifier 46002-P-CM-GB0-002
Last Update 27 Sep 2020


Contact Details

Name OMAR ELMI Samatar

Geographic Location

Country Cameroon
Coordinates Location Name
2.93333 11.98333 Sangmélima
3.41667 14.3 Ntam
2.7 13.28333 Mintom I
5.97851 10.14779 Mezam Division
4.83333 9.33333 Meme Division
5.82 9.37 Manyu Division
5.75132 9.3137 Mamfe
5.16667 13.83333 Département du Lom-et-Djérem
6.2 10.66667 Kumbo
4.6363 9.4469 Kumba