Cape Verde - Support project for the agricultural census

Project Summary

Approval Date 25 Jun 2014
Signature Date 16 Dec 2014
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2020
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Jun 2020
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Multi-Sector
DAC Sector Code 15124
Commitment U.A 779,960
Status Completion

Project General Description

The Support project for the agricultural census aims to address the problem of lack of up-to-date, complete and reliable statistical data on structure and production for the monitoring and evaluation of agricultural and rural development policies. It will upgrade agricultural statistics with a view to developing rural development and national accounts indicators. The project should also contribute to the provision of a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the results and impacts of the country's development programme. The project also aims to strengthen the technical and operational capacities of the Statistics and Information Management Division of the Ministry of Rural Development (MDR). The different activities of the support project are classified into four main components: (i) technical and institutional capacity building, (ii) data collection, (iii) data dissemination and (iv) project coordination and management.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the national agricultural statistics system. Specifically, it will involve setting up a permanent system of statistical production on the agricultural sector by: (i) the renewal of information on the country's agricultural structure; (ii) the provision of sampling frames for agricultural surveys; (iii) the provision of reliable detailed reference data on agriculture and livestock (area cultivated by crop type, age structure of the herd, etc.); and (iv) the conduct of a survey to estimate reference data on yields and production of all crops.


The ultimate beneficiary of the project is the rural population as the availability of good quality data will facilitate the preparation and implementation of more effective agricultural policies.

Participating Organization

Middle Income Countries Fund
Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE)
Gouvernement du Cap Vert


IATI identifier 46002-P-CV-KF0-005
Last Update 29 Nov 2022


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Geographic Location

Country Cape Verde
Coordinates Location Name
14.95 -23.5167 Concelho da Praia