Egypt - Proposal for a Grant of USD 0.5 Million for an Emergency Humanitarian Relief Assistance Amidst COVID-19

Project Summary

Approval Date 06 May 2020
Signature Date 29 Dec 2020
Planned Completion Date 29 Jun 2022
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 31161
Commitment U.A 347,157.13
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The present intervention concerns the Emergency Food and Nutrition Assistance to Support Vulnerable Population Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak in Egypt. Indeed, this virus situation in Egypt is quickly evolving. In situations of prevailing infectious diseases such as COVID19, high population density and poor hygiene are factors that spur the spread of the disease. The Bank intervention will seek to compliment on going activities by Government of Egypt to mitigate the negative effects of the virus pandemic on the population. This emergency assistance is aimed at filling some of the financing gaps by prioritizing critical interventions to ensure that no one goes hungry to ensure food security to all during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown that has left tens of millions of poor people struggling without livelihoods. Several priority interventions has been identified to be implemented in the short-term of which food relief is considered very important. The project comprises two main components, namely: (1) Provision of emergency food supply for informal sector workers who lose their livelihoods as a result of a lock-down related to COVID 19 and people with limited mobility and (2) Project Management.

Project Objectives

The project objective is to improve the availability of and access to food for targeted beneficiaries affected by COVID-19.


The main beneficiaries of the project are the vulnerable populations directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19 in Egypt.

Participating Organization

Special Relief Funds


IATI identifier 46002-P-EG-AAB-009
Last Update 02 Dec 2021


Contact Details

Name MOHAMEDAHMED Siham Abdel Rahman

Geographic Location

Country Egypt