Egypt - The Launching of a Geostationary Satellite Project - NAVISAT

Project Summary

Approval Date 20 May 2009
Signature Date 30 Aug 2009
Planned Completion Date 30 Dec 2012
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Dec 2012
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Communications
DAC Sector Code 22020
Commitment U.A 600,000
Status Completion

Project General Description

Studies on the launching of a geostationary satellite project - NAVISAT, approved by several civil aviation organizations (ICAO, ACAC, ASECNA, …etc.) of the region, were initiated with in order to deepening the study preliminary feasibility study carried out in 2004/2005 by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority as part of the NAVISAT project. The launch of the NAVISAT geostationary satellite project aimed at providing satellite-based air navigation and safety communication services over Africa and some surrounding countries. The present studies include: (i) commercial and technical studies; (ii) frequency regulation and coordination; (iii) institutional studies; (iv) human resources; v) legal studies; vi) financial studies; vii) technical development & optimal solution; and viii) project management. The estimated costs of these studies are approximately US $ 1,009,008.

Project Objectives

The sector goal of the study is to contribute to improving Communications, Navigation, Surveillance – Air Traffic Management services that would provide cost effective satellite communications and major improvements in the aeronautical services, thus enhancing safety and efficiency of air transport. The objective of these studies (legal, financial, frequency & regulatory and human resources) are to determine the feasibility of a Satellite-based Air Navigation and Safety Communications System.


The beneficiaries of these studies are the Regional Member Countries (RMCs) Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa.

Participating Organization

Middle Income Countries Fund
Government of Egypt
Ministère de l’Aviation civile – Projet NAVISAT


IATI identifier 46002-P-EG-GC0-001
Last Update 21 Oct 2020


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Name JACK Salieu

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Country Egypt