Egypt - Bilharzia Control Project III

Project Summary

Approval Date 23 Mar 1989
Signature Date 01 Dec 1989
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2000
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2000
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 12250
Commitment U.A 5,913,072.76
Status Completion

Project General Description

The present project relates the Bilharzia Control Project III. It's designed in order to reach the Nile Delta area, which was the only major region in Egypt that are not covered by systematic control programs. The main outputs of the project are the snail reducing in areas of high risk and capacity strengthening of health services to treat bilharzia cases. The project comprises six (06) components namely: 1) Training; 2) Equipment; 3) Drugs; 4) Transportation; 5) Mollusciciding; and 6) Scientific monitoring.

Project Objectives

The project aims to improve the productive capacity of communities of the Nile Delta area by means of lowering the morbidity and prevalence of bilharzia to at least 10%.


The project serves all inhabitants of three governorates (Kafr El Sheikh, Gharbiya and Minofiya) and population of three contiguous districts (Sherbine, Belquas and Talkha) of a fourth governorate (Dakahliya). The total beneficiary population is estimated at 6.9 million people.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Government of Egypt
Ministry of Health and Population / Endemic Diseases Control Department


IATI identifier 46002-P-EG-IBE-001
Last Update 20 Jan 2022


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Country Egypt