Ghana Oil Palm Development Company

Project Summary

Approval Date 12 Dec 2002
Signature Date 19 Feb 2003
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Non Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 32161
Commitment U.A 6,285,543.25
Status Completion

Project General Description

The project seeks to expand oil palm cultivation, adopting the concept of sustainable agriculture and focusing on the production of organic oil palm. The project will also add value to local produce by establishing a refinery to produce refined palm oil. Its implementation consists of: i) establish a new 2,100 ha organic oil palm nucleus estate in Okumaning; ii) develop and support 5,000 ha outgrower and smallholder farms in both Okumaning and Kwae; iii) replant 2,300 ha of nucleus estate in Kwae with organic oil palm; iv) expand capacity of palm oil mill from 48 t ffb per hour to 60 tph; v) expand capacity of palm kernel crushing plant from 45 t per day to 60 tpd; vi) establish a new refining and fractioning plant with a capacity of 100 t per day; and v) expand capacity of palm oil storage tank by 1,700 t. The project cost is estimated at Euro 25.00 million (US$24.50 million).

Project Objectives

At the national level, the project will help Ghana develop its oil palm industry and produce more value-added products.


The main beneficiary of the project is Ghana Oil Palm Development Company Ltd. (GOPDC). The project will also support some 1,500 new outgrower and smallholder farmers.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-GH-AAG-002
Last Update 20 Jun 2021


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Country Ghana