Private Sector Adjustment Loan

Project Summary

Approval Date 25 Nov 1991
Signature Date 04 Sep 1992
Planned Completion Date 31 Jul 1997
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Jul 1997
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Multi-Sector
DAC Sector Code 32130
Commitment U.A 18,421,040
Status Completion

Project General Description

A. Issues 1.1 The emphasis on construction works and related activities at the exclusion of other project components aimed at strengthening management and maintenance capabilities has resulted in unsatisfactory project performance. 2. The inability of the government to provide counterpart funding has caused delays in the implementation of civil works and has impeded the implementation of other project components . 3. Delay in the payment of Disbursement Requests after having received ADF approval. B. Actions Taken/Results 1.1 The revised Ministry of Health proposal outlining the activities for the implementation of non-civil works components was reviewed during the mission at meetings held with the MOH and the PIU. 2.1 The Government has recently provided approximately 1.4 billion Cedis for counterpart funding which has allowed the continued implementation of non-civil works activities. C. Proposed Actions 1.1 The Ministry of Health was requested to submit information clarifying the external training proposal confirming the acceptance of candidates by the training institutions to the Bank by 1 June 1999. 2.1 The Bank should continue to monitor the level and frequency of the receipt of counterpart funding to avoid further implementation delays. 3.1 ADF should expedite the processing of Disbursement Requests to avoid causing operational delays in the implementation of the project. 3.2 The Bank should explore means of reporting disbursements by project component as well as by category.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Bank of Ghana


IATI identifier 46002-P-GH-KB0-001
Last Update 29 Jan 2023


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Country Ghana