The Gambia - Trans-Gambia Corridor Preparatory Studies Project – Phase II / Keur-Ali Farafenni-Senoba section

Project Summary

Approval Date 19 Oct 2014
Signature Date 12 Dec 2014
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2022
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Jun 2022
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Transport
DAC Sector Code 21023
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 1,000,000
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Trans-Gambian Road Corridor, spanning a distance of about 243km across Senegal and Gambia, is a vital economic and strategic link connecting the northern and southern parts of the two countries. About 26% (62km) of the corridor is in good to fair condition and the African Development Bank (AfDB) is actively supporting the development of the remaining sections through the following principal projects: (i) the construction of a bridge at Yalitenda in The Gambia and two (2) one-stop border posts between The Gambia and Senegal; (ii) rehabilitation of the section between Dinguiraye and Keur Ayib (44km); and (iii) subsequent Bank support programmed for 2016 that will include the rehabilitation of the sections between Senoba – Ziguinchor (137km) in Senegal and the strengthening of the Keur-Ali – Senoba section, 24km (Trans-Gambian Highway) in The Gambia.

Project Objectives

This project consists of conducting studies to propose options to reinforce the pavement of the 24 km section of the Trans-Gambia Corridor between Keur Ali and Senoba. The studies will also aim at proposing the best institutional model for managing the transgambian toll bridge under the current project. The total project cost is UA 1.00 million to be financed from the country’s Performance Based Country Allocations (PBA). The project will be executed over a period of two years (2014 – 2016).


The main beneficiaries of the project are the Government of The Gambia and the populations of both the Gambia and Senegal

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
National Roads Authority


IATI identifier 46002-P-GM-DB0-005
Last Update 25 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Name Prince Desea TAMBAH

Geographic Location

Country Gambia
Coordinates Location Name
12.75 -15.5 Sédhiou
13.56667 -15.6 Farafenni
13.41667 -15.53333 Jarra West
13.36667 -15.51667 Sénoba
13.55 -15.66667 Upper Baddibu