Kenya - Agriculture Sector Adjustment Programme II

Project Summary

Approval Date 26 Feb 1991
Signature Date 28 Nov 1991
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2000
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Jun 2000
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 31110
Commitment U.A 23,680,155.77
Status Completion

Project General Description

The present intervention concerns the Agriculture Sector Adjustment Programme (ASAP) II. It’s designed because of the need to stabilise the economy, restructure the agriculture sector and pave the way for renewed growth and productivity. Several studies are being undertaken by the Government under the reform programme whose recommendations should form major inputs into the agricultural sector programme of reforms. The benefits of reforms, in terms of enhanced foreign exchange exchange earnings, and generation of employment, should take time to materialize. The programme focus on five key policy areas, namely: (a) maize marketing; (b) milk marketing; (c) fertilizer importation and distribution; (d) public investments/expenditures in agriculture; and (e) targeted assistance to vulnerable groups.

Project Objectives

The objectives of ASAP II are to: (a) accelerate agricultural growth through smallholders, while safeguarding the environment; (b) improve public sector resource use in agriculture; (c) improve agricultural sector institutional capacity; and (d) develop and test approaches to poverty alleviation focusing on vulnerable groups.


The beneficiaries of the programme are the Government of Kenya and the people in fine.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank
African Development Fund
Ministry of Finance


IATI identifier 46002-P-KE-AA0-001
Last Update 15 Apr 2021


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Country Kenya