Kenya - Water services boards support project

Project Summary

Approval Date 21 Nov 2007
Signature Date 26 Nov 2007
Planned Completion Date 30 Aug 2015
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Aug 2015
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Water Supply & Sanitation
DAC Sector Code 14010
Environmental Category 2
Commitment U.A 43,602,052.35
Status Completion

Project General Description

" The Water Services Boards Support Project will support four water services boards: the Athi Water Services Board (AWSB), the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB), the Northern Water Services Board (NWSB), and the Tana Water Services Board (TWSB). The project will provide improved water supply and sanitation services for the beneficiaries. The planning and implementation of the rural water supply and sanitation schemes will follow a demand based participatory process. The project is needed to support the recently initiated water sector reforms in Kenya, to make up for many years without adequate investments in the water sector, and to assist the water sector. "

Project Objectives

The expected outputs will be four strengthened Water Services Boards and fourteen strengthened Water Service Providers; water supply and sanitation/sewerage systems rehabilitated/extended for Migori, Isiolo, Nyahururu, and Murang’a North/Murang’a South Districts; rural water supply and sanitation facilities for rural people in the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board and in the Northern Water Services Board; and water and sanitation infrastructure rehabilitation and extension in selected areas of Kibera.


The project outputs’ beneficiaries are 635,000 people in Migori, Nyahururu, Isiolo, Murang’a North/Murang’a South, Kibera, 250,000 rural people in the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board and 200,000 rural people in the Northern Water Services Board. Also, a total of 600 direct and indirect jobs will be created over the 5-year implementation period.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
Government Of Kenya
Ministry of Water Development


IATI identifier 46002-P-KE-E00-005
Other IATI identifier CA-3-M012945001
Last Update 24 Feb 2021


Contact Details

Name SIFUMA John

Geographic Location

Country Kenya
Coordinates Location Name
0.042099 36.3673 Nyahururu
-0.684 36.994 Murangaa District
-0.716667 37.15 Murangaa
-1.06343 34.4731 Migori
-0.9 37.1833 Makuyu
-1.03333 36.8333 Kigumo
-1.31667 36.7833 Kibera
-0.9 37 Kandara
0.354615 37.5822 Isiolo
-0.933333 36.9667 Gatanga