Comoros - Energy Sector Support Project (PASEC) - Supplementary Financing

Project Summary

Approval Date 21 May 2019
Signature Date 13 Jun 2019
Planned Completion Date 31 Jan 2022
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Power
DAC Sector Code 23220
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 6,960,000
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The present intervention relates to additional funding for the Energy Sector Support Project. It falls directly in line with the actions taken by the Union of the Comoros to improve performance and promote energy sector development. It consist of three main thrusts, namely: (i) support for rehabilitation and technical implementation; (ii) energy mix; and (iii) capacity building. It implementation will help address the failures observed in the electricity sector through increased production capacity, reduced levels of technical and commercial losses and energy sector capacity building. Its realization of this project, planned to last 38 months, is also a major stride towards providing the Union of the Comoros with the studies required to tap its renewable energy potential, thereby laying the groundwork for green growth in a fragile State. The project comprises three components, namely: (i) support for rehabilitation and technical implementation; (ii) institutional support; and (iii) project management.

Project Objectives

The project has three major objectives: rehabilitate production capacities in the three islands, contribute to the improvement of financial governance through capacity building in the electricity sub-sector, and ensure the preparation of the quality-at-entry of future renewable energy projects by conducting appropriate studies.


The beneficiaries of the project are the populations of the three islands of the Union of the Comoros as well as businesses and industries connected to the grid, whose living and working conditions will improve as a result of the access to more stable and better quality power supply. The project's direct beneficiaries will be involved in the project through education and information campaigns aimed at encouraging them to adopt responsible behaviour in terms of settling bills, ensuring energy efficiency and cooperating with the two power corporations.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-KM-F00-002
Last Update 04 Dec 2021


Contact Details

Name KONE Moussa

Geographic Location

Country Comoros