Comoros - Institutional Capacity Building Project – Phase II

Project Summary

Approval Date 19 Nov 2015
Signature Date 27 Nov 2015
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2021
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2021
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Multi-Sector
DAC Sector Code 15124
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 6,000,000
Status Completion

Project General Description

The proposed operation relates to the second phase of the Institutional Capacity Building Project (ICBP II) of Comorian Government departments to mobilize internal resource and implement the country’s development strategy. The project aims to support the Comoros Islands in their efforts to exit from their situation of fragility. This second phase is justified by the need to consolidate the achievements of ICBPI and carry out activities complementary to those financed by ICBP I in Public Financial Management (PFM) and economic governance. To achieve this objective, ICBP II has two operational components, namely: (i) improvement of internal resource mobilization; and (ii) improvement of implementation of the development strategy. These two components are complementary. Indeed, increasing internal resources under the project’s first component and more efficiently implementing the country’s development strategy under the second component will help to create favourable conditions for financing priority expenditure for the Comoros to gradually exit from its fragility situation. Specifically, the first component will create more budgetary leeway to finance the implementation of the development strategy, which pays special attention to the construction of core economic infrastructure. This will foster private sector development, which will create a dynamic economy leading to higher tax revenue. The project will be implemented over a period of 41 months (December 2015-April 2019) with an estimated cost, excluding taxes and customs duties, of UA 6 million.

Project Objectives

ICBPII seeks to improve internal resource mobilization and development strategy implementation, both of which are essential for the Comoros Islands to gradually exit from the situation of fragility. The main expected outcomes of ICBP II are: (i) improved performance of tax revenue services resulting in improved tax/GDP ratio at 14.7% in 2019; and (ii) improved implementation of the development strategy resulting in more equitable use of public resources channeled more towards priority expenditure and thus, a higher CPIA score on equity in public resource use, which would stand at 3.2 in 2019.


The Government departments of the country will benefit from ICBP II through the support given to General Administration of Taxation and Customs (AGID), General Commission for Planning (CGP), the Island General Directorates for the Plan, National Institute of Statistics and Economic and Population Studies (INSEED), General Directorate of Energy, Mines and Water (DGEME) and Regional Directorate of Energy, Mines and Water (DREMEs). Indeed, ICBP II will improve the technical and human capacity of the Comorian public administration. The two national electricity companies (MA-MWE and EDA) will also benefit indirectly from the project, through the country’s improved planning/programming capacity for the development of the electricity sub-sector. Furthermore, the Comorian population as a whole (including women and youths) will also benefit from ICBP II, which will help improve access to quality basic services through effective implementation of Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (SCADD) 2015-2019.

Participating Organization

Fragile States Facility
Gouvernement des Comores


IATI identifier 46002-P-KM-KA0-002
Last Update 01 Dec 2022


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Geographic Location

Country Comoros
Coordinates Location Name
-12.23333 44.44553 Comoros
-11.7022 43.2551 Moroni