Morocco - Water Access Sustainability Security Project (PPSAE) - (Additional Financing)

Project Summary

Approval Date 29 Sep 2021
Signature Date 14 Dec 2021
Planned Completion Date 30 Aug 2026
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2025
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Water Supply & Sanitation
DAC Sector Code 14010
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 14,204,657.55
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The main goal of the Water Access Sustainability and Security Project (PPSAE) is to secure access to drinking water in the Guercif, Zagora, Al Hoceima, Tangier and Béni Mellal provinces. The project design was based on the priority needs identified by ONEE-BO (ONEE Water Branch) under its 2016-2020 investment programme. The area includes all these regions’ urban and rural agglomerations witnessing a significant industrial boom, in view of the new “Mohammed VI Tangier Tech” City in Tangier, the Tadla Agropole Project at Béni Mellal, as well as other industrial and agro-industrial zones in El Hoceima and Béni Mellal. The project was estimated in 2018 to cost UA 194 million (Bank-financed activities cost of UA 97 million, comprising an ADB loan of EUR 79.33 million and an AGTF loan of USD 43.36 million), and was expected to be implemented over five (5) years (2019-2023). The proposed supplementary financing is justified by the particular social and health context, linked to the COVID-19 crisis, which broke out in Morocco in early 2020. It is also justified by the PPSAE’s integrated and indissociable activities, and finally by the urgency of the water stress experienced in the regions benefiting from the loan, namely Tangier, Guercif and Zagora, and the need to find rapid solutions to remedy this problem. The project is designed to secure access to drinking water in both urban and rural areas in the designated regions.

Project Objectives

The project aims to meet the increased need for drinking and industrial water in these areas up to 2040 (in line with the Morocco's Water Strategy 2040). The project aims to strengthen and secure access to drinking water in several urban and rural areas in Tangier, El Hoceima, Guercif, Béni Mellal and Zagora Provinces, by safeguarding and/or upgrading water production (water source, supply and/or treatment).


The project will benefit the populations of Guercif, Zagora, Al Hoceima and Béni Mellal, currently about 1.2 million (60% of which live in rural areas). It will also benefit communities in and around Tangier, with an estimated population of 1.3 million. Therefore, the project will benefit over 2.5 million people initially, and over 3.3 million in 2040, within the project's time scale.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-MA-E00-013
Last Update 27 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Name Mohamed EL OUAHABI

Geographic Location

Country Morocco
Coordinates Location Name
32.3373 -6.34983 Beni Mellal
35.7806 -5.81365 Tangier
34.2251 -3.35235 Guercif
30.3484 -5.83649 Zagora
35.2516 -3.93723 Al Hoceima