Morocco- Project to Support the Modernization of the Organizational Framework for Debt Management (P-MOCOGEDE)

Project Summary

Approval Date 27 Feb 2013
Signature Date 31 May 2013
Planned Completion Date 30 Sep 2021
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Sep 2021
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Finance
DAC Sector Code 24030
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 536,976
Status Completion

Project General Description

The present project to support the Modernization of the Debt Management Organizational Framework (P-MOCOGEDE) adds additional value to the Moroccan Government's successful reforms under the Financial Sector Development Support program (PADESFI I and II) supported by the AfDB. The project includes three essential phases, namely: (I) a complete diagnostic of the current organization of the Debt Division and the proposal of an action plan to converge toward a suitable organizational framework and a training plan; (ii) the development of work tools adapted to the new organizational framework; (iii) the Debt Division’s staff training. Its implementation will allow a better control of the debt and cash flow management processes and its related risks.

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to set up a new organizational framework for the Debt Division and the tools needed to improve the efficiency of the Government’s debt and cash management through: the realignment of the Debt Division's structures at all levels, Front Office, middle-office and back-office; the set-up of an internal risk audit framework for the debt and cash management operations; the introduction of an internal audit framework for the Debt Division’s operations; the implementation of performance indicators for debt and cash flow management; and the identification of training needs for the Debt Division’s staff, and the implemention of a training plan.


The various beneficiaries of this important project include: (i) the Government through greater efficiency in debt and cash management by the Treasury office; (ii) investors holding treasury bills and foreign creditors who will benefit from a better organization of the Debt Division for the mobilization of financing in the domestic and the international financial markets, and the implementation of active debt and cash flow management operations; (iii) Morocco's technical and financial partners who will have better visibility on the country's debt management and monitoring, and (v) the Moroccan population through the control of financing cost by the Treasury office, and therefore of future expenses related to the debt.

Participating Organization

Direction du Trésor et des finances extérieures
African Development Bank
Middle Income Countries Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-MA-HZ0-009
Last Update 21 Mar 2023


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Name Ammar KESSAB

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Country Morocco
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34.0133 -6.83255 Rabat