Morocco - Social Protection Improvement Support Programme – PAAPS

Project Summary

Approval Date 16 Dec 2019
Signature Date 21 Feb 2020
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2024
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 11231
Environmental Category 2
Commitment U.A 156,761,492
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The proposed operation is an ADB loan of UA 150 million, equivalent to 204 million US dollars, to the Kingdom of Morocco to finance the Social Protection Improvement Support Programme (PAAPS). This programme is the second operation in Morocco using the results-based financing instrument in the social sector. The Bank’s results-based financing intervention will help to address social protection priorities based on government guidelines as part of an integrated and inclusive approach for the development of social policies. The programme will place special emphasis on upgrading health-care and social protection supply in Morocco’s three most disadvantaged regions, namely: Beni Mellal-Khénifra, DraaTafilalet, and Guelmim-Oued Noun. Thee three regions were selected because they have the country’s highest poverty rates with respectively 14.6% for Draâ Tafilalet, 9.3% for Beni Mellal Khénifra and 6.2% for Guelmim-Oued Noun. The rural areas of Beni Mellal-Khénifra and Draa-Tafilalet, remain the worst affected by poverty with respective rates of 20.6% and 17.7%. PAAPS will be implemented over four fiscal years (2020- 2023). By targeting the social coverage of vulnerable segments of the population, it will contribute to a reduction in social, geographic and gender disparities in access to social protection in general, poverty reduction and social exclusion, in particular. The exceptional focus on three regions (Beni Mellal-Khénifra, Draâ-Tafilet and Guelmim- Oued Noun) will enhance the quality of human capital in these areas and increase the population’s economic participation.

Project Objectives

The programme objective is to improve the living conditions of the poor and vulnerable segments of Morocco’s population, particularly women in situations of vulnerability, children and disabled persons by facilitating inclusive access to social protection and improving social assistance governance. In this regard, the programme targets three main results areas: (i) reduce regional disparities in access to basic health care; (ii) improve governance of the main social assistance programmes; and (iii) ensure the sustainability of social assistance financing and investment efficiency.


The PAAPS will impact the following direct beneficiaries: (i) the three regions of Beni Mellal- Khénifra, Draâ-Tafilalet et Guelmim-Oued Noun that are poorly served by health facilities; (ii) the 80% of the population benefiting from medical coverage (50% of whom are women); (iii) the 2.3 million registered RAMED beneficiaries who will receive improved health care services in the target regions;(iv) the 127,000 widows who will benefit from the DAAM programme; (v) the 3,5 million SEPs benefiting from medical coverage; (vi) the 288,000 students 52% of whom are girls who will benefit from mandatory health insurance (AMO); and (vii) the 350,000 poor and vulnerable people who will have access to improved social protection services nationwide. In addition, medical, paramedical, administrative and technical staff of the Ministry of Health will be trained under the continuing training programme for the sector’s human resources, staff of the Ministry of Solidarity and Family as well as those of associations responsible for social protection in the regions. PAAPS’s indirect beneficiaries mainly comprise the entire Moroccan population, health and social protection facility workers who, as a result of the programme, will have a better professional working environment from the human, physical and technological standpoints.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank


IATI identifier 46002-P-MA-I00-010
Last Update 06 Feb 2023


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Geographic Location

Country Morocco
Coordinates Location Name
29.00173 -10.0391 Guelmim-Oued Noun
32.3264 -6.3089 Béni Mellal-Khénifra
31.69156 -4.41925 Drâa-Tafilalet