Mali - Etudes d’élaboration du Schéma directeur et du Programme d’investissement du Projet de développement intégré et de résilience climatique dans les plaines du Delta 2 (PDIR-PD2)

Project Summary

Approval Date 11 Sep 2017
Signature Date 22 Jan 2018
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2021
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Water Supply & Sanitation
DAC Sector Code 14010
Commitment U.A 1,601,867.76
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Project consists mainly in the preparation of the Master Plan and the Priority Investment Program for Integrated Development and Climate Resilience of Populations in the Delta 2 Plains (PDIR-PD2). The PDIR-PD2 consists of relevant support from the African Water Facility (AWF) to provide the Segou Rice Office (ORS) with a medium and long-term planning tool in its intervention area, and implementation studies for the construction of hydro-agricultural development infrastructure in the Delta plains 2. It is well justified in terms of its impacts on food security, the increase of the income of the populations of the zone and the climatic resilience of the populations of the ORS zone. The project will therefore be a powerful catalyst for the region's integrated economic and social development and for climate change adaptation and resilience. This initiative is fully in line with Mali's Strategic Framework for Economic Recovery and Sustainable Development (CREEDD 2016-2018) and with the priorities of AWF's 2017-2025 operational strategy. The implementation of the PDIR-PD2 will be based on the principles of the participatory approach; all stakeholders will be regularly consulted throughout the development process of the master plan of development and integrated development (SDADI) and preparation of the Priority Investment Program (PIP) as well as the preparation of feasibility studies and execution of hydro-agricultural schemes. The total amount of the Project is 2,128,644 euros. It will run over a period of 24 months.

Project Objectives

At the sectoral level, this project aims to: a) promote sustainable socio-economic development in the intervention area of the Segou Rice Office (ORS) through the development of water resources, with a view to the resilience of populations to climate change; b) increase agro-sylvo-pastoral and piscicultural production; (c) to generate employment, especially for young people and women, and to diversify the sources of income of the population. Specifically, the project aims to provide the Segou Rice Office (ORS) with a medium and long-term planning tool and environmental and implementation studies for the construction of the Delta 2 plains development infrastructure.


The main beneficiaries of the project are the populations of the entire intervention area of the Segou Rice Office (ORS) generally estimated at 1,015,719 inhabitants in 44 rural communes, 875 villages, and particularly farmers, breeders and fishermen whose number is estimated at 170,000 people in the plains of Delta 2. Women make up the majority of project beneficiaries (50.6% of the population in the project area). The project also aims to contribute to the reduction of the exodus and migration of young people. In addition to the populations, the State, the deconcentrated technical services, the decentralized structures, the University of Segou and the Technical and Financial Partners (TFP) of the rural sector will also benefit from the project. Finally, ORS will benefit from the Project through: (i) the provision of a master plan for the planning of hydro-agricultural development; (ii) the provision of an Investment Program including priority actions on hydro-agricultural development, the resilience of populations to climate change, rural development support actions, IGAs; (iii) strengthening the technical and institutional capacity of ORS and development actors in the project area.

Participating Organization

AfricaWater Facility Fund
Government of Republic of Mali
Office Riz de Ségou (ORS)


IATI identifier 46002-P-ML-EAZ-004
Other IATI identifier CA-3-A034853001
Last Update 07 Aug 2020


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