Senegal - Centre Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project

Project Summary

Approval Date 26 Oct 2022
Signature Date 25 Nov 2022
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2027
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 31110
Commitment U.A 50,189,790.01
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The project “Centre Agro-Industrial Processing Zone” is designed to contribute to the reduction of food insecurity in rural areas, the reduction of food imports and export growth. The project will, in particular, target farmers and the private sector (including SMEs/SMIs) likely to invest in agricultural product processing and the provision of services. It will serve as a multi-subsector platform for the mainstreaming of technologies, equipment and services in favour of OPAs and SME/SMI based on a value chain approach and will create an attractive environment conducive to the growth of private investment, in particular, for agricultural product processing. The main expected outcomes of the PZTA-Centre project during Phase 1 (2023-2027) are as follows: a) The processing of at least 400,000 tonnes of groundnut, 100,000 tonnes of cereals and 50,000 tonnes of salt produced in the regions covered over five years; b) The creation/consolidation of 129,500 direct jobs and 208,800 indirect jobs, i.e. a total of 338,300 people, about 52% of whom will be women; c) Mobilisation of over CFAF 46 billion in private investment by the 37 projects structured during the development accelerator lab in key agro-industrial sub-sectors (groundnut, cereals, salt and others); and d) The generation of at least CFAF 15.2 billion in tax revenue for the Senegalese government, a 3.3% increase in exports and 5.2% reduction in the trade balance.

Project Objectives

The project’s overall objective is to ‘contribute to the reduction of food insecurity in rural areas, the reduction of food imports and export growth. The specific objectives are to: i) increase value-added on agricultural products through private investment to reduce agro-food imports and increase exports for products with a comparative advantage; and ii) sustainably increase productivity and output in priority (groundnut, cereals, salt) and complementary (animal products, horticulture, etc.) sub-sectors.


The project will directly benefit about 80,000 households, i.e. about 460,000 people (50% of whom will be women and 60% young people) whose incomes will rise by 30%, thus reducing the unemployment and under-employment rates to improve food and nutrition security. About 1.2 million people will be indirectly affected (51% women and 50% youth).

Participating Organization

African Development Bank
Government Of Senegal


IATI identifier 46002-P-SN-A00-015
Last Update 01 Feb 2023


Contact Details

Name KANE Mamadou

Geographic Location

Country Senegal
Coordinates Location Name
14.6937 -17.44406 Dakar
14.7688 -16.1868 Diourbel
14.05726 -16.07898 Kaolack
14.1053 -15.5457 Région de Kaffrine