Chad - Electricity Sector Support Project in Chad (PASET)

Project Summary

Approval Date 13 Dec 2022
Signature Date 23 Jan 2023
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2025
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Mar 2027
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Power
DAC Sector Code 23220
Commitment U.A 14,978,000
Status Approved

Project General Description

PASET is in line with “the Chad we want” 2030 vision which is structured around four thrusts: (i) consolidating national unity; (ii) strengthening good governance and the rule of law; (iii) developing a diversified and competitive economy; and (iv) improving the quality of life of the Chadian population. The Bank's intervention is justified by the need to support Chad in its efforts to gradually emerge from economic and social fragility by helping to address the energy crisis. Thus, this intervention will make it possible to help Chad in the implementation of reforms and the building of infrastructure to address the main constraints and challenges facing the electricity sub-sector. The project builds on previous interventions by the Bank and other TFPs, such as the Chad-Cameroon Interconnection (PIRECT) and boosts their positive impacts. It is divided into three (3) components: i) Service Quality Improvement; ii) Governance Improvement; and iii) Project Administration and Management. PASET comes with an innovative element through the sub-component which involves the hybridisation of the three isolated centres in Bol, Bongor and Biltine. The total project cost, excluding taxes and customs, is currently estimated at UA 16.539 million.

Project Objectives

The project aims at improving access and the quality of electricity supply. The project’s specific objectives include: (i) increasing the capacity to produce clean and sustainable electricity to meet growing electricity demand, especially in under-privileged areas; (ii) reducing electricity production cost in certain localities; and (iii) contributing to the improvement of SNE’s technical, financial and commercial performance.


The project directly targets 15,000 new subscribers who will benefit from improved access to electricity and the monitoring of their electricity consumption through the prepaid metre programme. The project will benefit about 75,000 people, but the benefits will be felt by the country’s entire population. Furthermore, the service quality improvement will cover the entire customer base, which stood at 50,000 customers at end-2021 (private and public), corresponding to a population of about 225,000 people. An improvement in SNE’s technical, financial and commercial performance will lead to better electricity supply with acceptable service quality to the population, as well as to private and public companies. Thus, PASET could contribute to the enhancement of the competitiveness of formal businesses and the informal sector.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Société Nationale d#Electricité (SNE)


IATI identifier 46002-P-TD-F00-004
Last Update 20 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Name Assane DIOP

Geographic Location

Country Chad
Coordinates Location Name
10.2806 15.3722 Bongor
14.52791 20.92749 Biltine
13.4586 14.7147 Bol
12.1067 15.0444 N'Djamena