Projet d'appui au Secteur de l'éducation Education VI

Project Summary

Approval Date 31 Mar 2004
Signature Date 26 May 2004
Planned Completion Date 29 Jun 2012
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2012
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 11110
Commitment U.A 1,737,108.47
Status Completion

Project General Description

The present project meets the need of a human resources strengthening in the crucial area of teaching and pedagogic staff training. he project aims at assisting the Government in pursuing its efforts to resolve issues connected to access to primary education and training of teachers and pedagogic supervisors. Morever, by constructing lasting infrastructure and strengthening the national human resources capacity in the education sector, the project will give girls and boys of school-going age greater access to quality education. At the primary level, it provides for the construction of school modules comprising classrooms, latrines and wells. Thus, the 225 classrooms built (offering 12,000 new vacancies at the primary level) will be equipped with 150 latrines, the purpose being to improve the pupils’ hygiene conditions. The total project cost, excluding taxes and customs duty, is estimated at UA 6 million (i.e. CFAF 4.98 billion at the September 2003 exchange rate), of which UA 4.37 million in foreign exchange (72.60%) and UA 1.65 million in local currency (27.40%). The project whose implementation is scheduled to cover five (5) years comprises the following three (3) components: (i) improvement of the school infrastructure and environment; (ii) training of teachers and pedagogic supervisors; and (iii) project management and steering.

Project Objectives

The project’s sector goal is to contribute to Chad’s achieving the Education-for-All (EFA) objectives and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the sector. The sector goal will be reached by: (i) improving the school infrastructure and environment; (ii) strengthening the quality of teachers and pedagogical supervisors; and (iii) improving the capacity of the education system to monitor and evaluate performance.


The project beneficiaries are boys and girls of school age in the project areas, young girls of the Am-Riguebe High School, teachers and other primary and secondary level pedagogic supervisory staff as well as national and decentralized structures in charge of sector performance monitoring and evaluation. The construction of classrooms in permanent construction materials in the country’s poorer regions will help to attenuate the regional disparities in terms of access to education by putting durable infrastructure at the disposal of the school-age population. The end beneficiaries will be mostly primary and secondary school pupils as well as the general population which will have access to water from wells sunk in or near schools.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Government Of Chad
Cellule de Suivi des Projets Education


IATI identifier 46002-P-TD-IAZ-002
Last Update 07 Jul 2020


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Geographic Location

Country Chad
Coordinates Location Name
11 20.5 Salamat Region
13.5 21.25 Ouaddai Region
15 21.5 Wadi Fira Region
9.5 16.5 Tandjile Region
9.3333 18.5 Moyen-Chari Region
10 15.83 Mayo-Kebbi Est Region
8.25 16.42 Logone Oriental Region
8.7529 15.8724 Logone Occidental Region
13.5 14.5 Lac Region
15 15 Kanem Region