Tanzania - Msalato International Airport Construction Project

Project Summary

Approval Date 18 Dec 2019
Signature Date 13 Mar 2020
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2024
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Transport
DAC Sector Code 21050
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 164,547,197.05
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Msalato International Airport Construction Project is part of Tanzania's Five Year Development Plan, in line with Tanzania Development Vision (TDV) 2025. It has been designed because of the limited airport infrastructure, which hampers not only the development of markets, businesses and the industrial sector, but also job creation. The proposed intervention is likely to contribute to economic growth, which is equally important for the sustainability of the services that the Tanzanian government provides to its citizens. The project involves the construction of a brand new international airport with a passenger terminal, runway, air navigational aids and related operational services - specifically a fuel distribution company, water supply systems, electrical distribution stations and fire-fighting equipment. By enhancing transport connectivity from the centrally located Dodoma, the expanded airport is set to unleash gains from economic integration of the country with its regional neighbours and beyond. Expanding air connectivity spatially to dispersed centres of economic activities within and beyond Tanzania, has the potential to creating logistics related jobs and facilitating international trade and tourism. The project comprises four main components, namely: (i) civil works for the airport; (ii) air navigation equipment and fire fighting vehicles; (iii) institutional capacity building; and (iv) project management, audit and monitoring and evaluation.

Project Objectives

The sector goal of the Msalato Airport Construction Project is to contribute to unlock and distribute economic growth in Tanzania arising from improved air transport connectivity internally and internationally. Specific objectives of the proposed project are two-fold: (i) to develop a new international airport at Msalato for the city of Dodoma thereby improving access, regional and international connectivity to the administrative Capital city and the Central Region of the country; and (ii) Improve long-term institutional capacities of the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), the Tanzania Civil aviation Authority (TCAA) and the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) in meeting international operational standards and strengthening of national regulatory oversight.


The major beneficiaries of the project are: (i) the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA)), a public establishment in charge of airports, and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) in charge of Air Navigation Services Provision, who will benefit from increased aeronautical (plane and passenger fees) and commercial revenues as operators of the newly built facilities; (ii) airlines and users of the airport, who will benefit from improved levels of comfort, safety and security on both airside and landside due to proposed high standard and modern facilities; (iii) commercial and service companies for which new opportunities will be provided within the airports; (iv) the tourism industry and handicraft sector who will benefit from increased number of tourists and hence tourism activities; and (v) the local and national population who will be the primary beneficiaries of the jobs created, notably those in the tourism, handicraft sector, retail business and maintenance of public places among others.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank
African Development Fund
TANROADS -Tanzania National Roads Agancy


IATI identifier 46002-P-TZ-DA0-003
Last Update 03 Oct 2022


Contact Details

Name EKOTO EKOTO Romain Philippe Michel
Email r.ekoto@afdb.org

Geographic Location

Country Tanzania, United Republic of
Coordinates Location Name
-6.82349 39.26951 Dar es Salaam
-6.17486 35.7379 Dodoma