Uganda - Emergency Assistance to Support the National Ebola Viral Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

Project Summary

Approval Date 09 Oct 2019
Signature Date 10 Jan 2020
Planned Completion Date 31 Aug 2020
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2020
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 12250
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 726,242.78
Status Completion

Project General Description

The present intervention concerns the Emergency Assistance to Support the National Ebola Viral Disease Preparedness and Response Plan. It aims to contribute to the reduction of EVD related morbidity and mortality in the affected area and prevent transmission to new areas in the country. The Bank will contribute USD 1million (One million United Sates Dollars) in response to the request of the Government of Uganda to provide critical emergency support to EVD response activities. The response will be implemented by the WHO underoverall leadership of the Ministry of Health and district local governments, with the support of other partners. The operation will be implemented in 10 high-risk districts along the border with DRC that experience a lot of people movements from DRC and also in the central vulnerable districts of Kampala and Wakiso. It comprises three components, namely: (i) management of suspected and confirmed EVD cases in Uganda (ii) detection and response to EVD alerts strengthened and (iii) EVD Readiness at National and in High Risk Districts strengthened.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the emergency assistance operation are to: (i) stop transmission of Ebola infection in Uganda within two generations of transmission and prevent new outbreaks in non-affected areas, (ii) minimize morbidity and mortality due to Ebola and (iii) facilitate effective national and international health sector coordination of the Ebola response.


The beneficiaries of the operation are the vulnerable populations in the affected districts.

Participating Organization

Special Relief Funds


IATI identifier 46002-P-UG-IBE-001
Last Update 24 Sep 2022


Contact Details

Name OGWANG Peter Lawrence

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Country Uganda
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0.19192 29.92825 kyarumba
0.121001 30.0078 Kasese District
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