Multinational - Studies on Tariffs for Water Withdrawals from the Senegal River and the Rehabilitation of the Hydraulic Network of the Senegal River Basin

Project Summary

Approval Date 18 May 2001
Signature Date 20 Sep 2001
Planned Completion Date 31 Mar 2005
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Mar 2005
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
DAC Sector Code 31110
Commitment U.A 729,940.36
Status Cancelled

Project General Description

The conduct of the two studies will enable OMVS and the member countries to lay the sustainable foundations of a strategy for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure downstream from Diama and the waterways dependent on the Senegal River. These two studies will provide the country with tariff and planning instruments capable of ensuring the promotion of social and economic activities related to the development of the Senegal River. The Tariff Study will be conducted in two phases over an 8-month period and will comprise a number of key activities including the calculation of the cost price of water and an analysis of the maintenance function of SOGED. It will prepare in detail a reliable tariff and recovery system, easy to implement. The new tariff system stemming from the study must aim to achieve a much greater contribution of all the economic operators benefiting from the impact of the regulation of the river. The rehabilitation study will also be conducted in two phases, but over an 11-month period. It is in keeping with a preparatory phase, which will make it possible to carry out a complete inventory, to be used as a vital frame of reference for the entire integrated control programme, and which will lead to the definition of a number of concrete priority operations to be carried out which can be integrated in a cohesive, Senegal River-wide strategy. The total cost of the two studies is estimated at CFA.F 739 million, i.e. UA 0.81 million.

Project Objectives

The sector goal of the two studies is to establish firm foundations for the rational utilization of the water resources of the Senegal River basin with a view to reducing poverty. The tariff study aims to provide OMVS with a financing framework for SOGED services backed by a reliable and operational tariff policy. The maintenance and rehabilitation study aims to provide a frame of reference for key operations concerning the maintenance of waterways, including the feasibility of priority activities and programmes.


The principal target groups are the rural population for whom the river and waterways provide vital support for their activities: rice growing, fisheries, household requirements, etc. The population living close to the waterways maintained will enjoy better health and nutritional conditions, have easier access to water courses, greater physical security and a well-preserved ecological environment.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-AA0-052
Last Update 28 Jan 2022


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