Multinational - Project for Support to the Air Transport Sectors of West and Central Africa

Project Summary

Approval Date 06 Jul 2015
Signature Date 15 Oct 2015
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2024
Last Disbursement Planned Date 30 Jun 2022
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Transport
DAC Sector Code 21050
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 3,042,000
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Project to Support the Air Transport Sector in West and Central Africa (PASTA-CO) is an institutional support project which, by virtue of its regional dimension and its objectives, contributes to the promotion of a Regional Public Good. This will be implemented from 2015-2019 and seeks to strengthen institutional capacity to oversee civil aviation safety and security as well as contribute to the development and safety of air transport in West and Central Africa by putting in place common institutional and regulatory frameworks in countries of the two sub-regions. Improving air transport operating conditions (better safety and security, regular flights, increase in flights between capitals, lower tariffs and also recognition of passengers’ rights) will lead to an increase in human and commercial exchanges due to the accessibility of Member States and better regional integration. The project has four components namely: (i) capacity-building and support for Regional Air Safety Agencies; (ii) studies and institutional support for air transport programme monitoring and coordination; (iii) support for airport security and certification; and (iv) project management and coordination.

Project Objectives

The project’s general objective is to contribute to improving civil aviation safety and to offer safe and efficient air navigation services in a unified airspace in order to support trade and regional socio-economic integration within the West and Central Africa region. It will improve air transport safety, security and effectiveness mostly by: (i) building the oversight capacity of Regional Air Safety Agencies; (ii) building the capacity of key air transport stakeholders in both regions; and (iii) supporting mechanisms for coordinating regional air transport policies.


The project’s main direct beneficiaries are: (i) the ECCAS General Secretariat; (ii) ECOWAS Commission; (iii) WAEMU Commission, but also the various Regional Coordination units of NEPAD, the national focal points of ECCAS and ECOWAS, civil aviation authorities and Ministries responsible for transport, trade and regional integration in ECCAS and ECOWAS member countries. The indirect beneficiaries of the project are residents of these zones, particularly women and youth who will operate in a more favourable environment and benefit from basic infrastructure. In fact, airlines will be able to take advantage of opportunities for growing intra-community exchanges.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-DA0-010
Last Update 22 Mar 2023


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Name Romain Philippe Michel EKOTO EKOTO

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