Multinational - Bagamoyo - Horohoro-Lunga -Lunga - Malindi Road Project - Phase I (Republic of Kenya)

Project Summary

Approval Date 12 Dec 2019
Signature Date 10 Jun 2020
Planned Completion Date 31 Dec 2026
Last Disbursement Planned Date 31 Dec 2025
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Transport
DAC Sector Code 21023
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 131,941,159.47
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The first phase of the Bagamoyo - Horohoro-Lunga -Lunga - Malindi Road Project aims to stimulate regional integration by reducing travel time, facilitating trade and the movement of people across borders. The development of this road corridor is planned in phases owing to the size (454 km), the need for review of the studies for some of the sections and the required huge investment. This Phase I of the Project comprised: 120.8 km Mkange – Tungumaa – Pangani road section in Tanzania and 54 km Mombasa – Mtwapa – Kilifi road section in Kenya. It also includes access road consultancy services and other social complementary. The project will boost regional integration through reduction in transit times, enhanced trade and cross-border movement of people, opening up of access to touristic attractions including beaches and the Saadani National Park, providing a direct link between the ports of Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mombasa, thereby providing alternatives for traders and enhancing competition and efficiency, boosting rural productivity and stimulating the blue economy. The Project will also reduce congestion, which has been blamed for causing significant tailback into the port of Mombasa.

Project Objectives

The project’s development objectives are to promote trade and regional integration and to contribute to the countries’ social and economic development, poverty reduction efforts and enhancing tourism by providing improved transport infrastructure. The specific objective of the project is to improve road transport services between Kenya and Tanzania by reducing travel time, vehicle operating cost, decreasing traffic congestion, and improving safety in the urban sections along the project road.


The project beneficiaries are corridor residents who will have greater economic opportunities and access to social services and goods. Regional beneficiaries are producers, manufacturers and traders who have a trade corridor to move goods at reduced time and cost.

Participating Organization

African Development Bank
African Development Fund
Government of Multinational


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-DB0-129
Last Update 25 Mar 2023


Contact Details

Name Zerfu Tessema MAMMO

Geographic Location

Country Multinational
Coordinates Location Name
-6.10613 38.67676 Mkange
-3.563 39.644 Kilifi
-2.921 39.84 Malindi District
-4.05466 39.66359 Mombasa
-5.06667 39.75 Tungamaa
-5.42526 38.97473 Pangani
-6.44222 38.90422 Bagamoyo
-3.94166 39.75545 Mtwapa
-4.49902 39.11999 Lunga Lunga