Multinational - Regional Rusumo Falls Hydropower Project

Project Summary

Approval Date 27 Nov 2013
Signature Date 18 Feb 2014
Planned Completion Date 28 Feb 2023
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Power
DAC Sector Code 23630
Environmental Category 1
Commitment U.A 16,700,000
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Regional Rusumo Falls Hydropower Project development is a transformative generation and transmission integration initiative that would enable Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi to jointly have access to the benefits of the large and diverse potential of the region’s energy sources. The overall project are two main components: (i) an 80 MW hydropower generation plant at an estimated cost of US$ 340 million; and (ii) transmission lines and substations at a total estimated cost of US$ 121 million. The 80 MW of power generated will be shared equally by the three countries. Its implementation will increase renewable (hydro) electricity supply capacity to address the power deficit and allow the countries to address their low energy access rates. Rwanda and Tanzania will be able to displace some of the energy generated from high cost imported fuel with cheaper hydro power; thereby contributing to the reduction of the current electricity tariff. In Burundi, the project will provide 50% of the current peak power demand and this will allow the country to expand its access and other economic activities, and reduce CO2 emissions considerably. AfDB Group allocated a total of UA 64.492 million from ADF and UA 6.5 million from NTF resources. An additional UA 10.73 million from the EU–Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund towards finance the transmission lines component from the Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Plant to the national networks of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. It's expected to be implemented and completed by August 2018.

Project Objectives

From a regional perspective, the project objective is to enhance power generation & transmission capacity for Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania and contribute to regional economic stability and integration by developing and managing joint assets. For Rwanda, the project will play an important role in achieving the targets of improving Rwanda's energy demand by increasing generation capacity, achieving domestic interconnectivity and economic transformation of the economy and support the government's overarching goal of reducing poverty and the long-term development strategy vision 2020 and the second medium-term Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS-II). It also supports the expansion of electricity access rate.


The key project beneficiaries are the households, small and medium sized enterprises, artisanal and mining operations located in the project area. The power off-taker (EWSA) and local schools, health centres, administration, etc. would benefit from this project by: (a) the opportunity to replace high cost thermal plants and lowering their overall cost of power generation; and (b) improving their ability to better meet the peak loads on their national power systems from a less expensive power source.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund
Régie de Production et de Distribution d’Eau et d’Electricité du Burundi (REGIDESO)


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-FAD-007
Last Update 31 Jan 2023


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Name KONE Moussa

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Country Multinational
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