Multinational - Project to Support the Inclusion of Training in Road, Railway and Mining Trades in "Conseil de l'Entente" Member Countries (PAIF)

Project Summary

Approval Date 20 Jul 2018
Signature Date 30 Aug 2018
Planned Completion Date 30 Sep 2023
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 11231
Commitment U.A 6,740,000
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The Project to Support the Inclusion of Training in Road, Railway and Mining Professions in CE Member Countries (PAIF) project consists in financing Regional Centre for Road Maintenance Training (CERFER)’s reform. This project is designed to address the skills gap in West Africa’s strategic and high-growth sectors such as infrastructure. Indeed, the project will contribute towards providing the skills needed by the region’s economy in strategic areas such as infrastructure and mining. CERFER will foster the building of critical masses of technicians and senior technicians in the road, railway and mining professions, which constitute vital branches of activity for West Africa, while enhancing cooperation and integration in terms of training and ensuring gender parity for social inclusion. Additionally, the project will contribute towards bridging the skills gap in key infrastructure areas where 25,200 direct and indirect jobs are identified for the CE railway loop project alone. The total cost of this five-year project is estimated at UA 8.04 million.

Project Objectives

The project’s overall objective is to enhance the training quality and offer at the Regional Centre for Road Maintenance Training (CERFER) in order to boost the socio-professional integration prospects of the sub-region’s trainees in the road, railway and mining professions. Its specific objectives are: (i) to improve CERFER governance and management; (ii) improve CERFER’s communication and visibility; (iii) modernize CERFER in terms of infrastructure; (iv) improve the training offer; and (v) improve training quality and relevance.


The project’s intervention area is CERFER where project activities will be concentrated. In this regard, the CERFER Centre in Lomé is the key project beneficiary. However, the ministries in charge of infrastructure, transport, public works, and mining in CE member States are project beneficiaries as well. Companies in the fields of construction, railway and mining in the CE, or even WAEMU or ECOWAS area will also benefit from the project. Furthermore, the project will benefit at least 610 youth, of which 30% girls, who will be trained in construction, railways and mining professions. The same will apply to at least 400 out-of-school youth, 30% of whom will be enrolled in modular training courses spanning six (6) weeks through the training programme entrusted to CERFER under Phase 2 of the Lomé-Cotonou Road Rehabilitation Project. Lastly, the project will benefit hundreds of government and company technicians who will undergo retraining at CERFER.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-I00-011
Last Update 26 Jan 2023


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