Multinational - Regional Covid-19 Response for East Africa, Horn of Africa and Union of the Comoros

Project Summary

Approval Date 26 Jun 2020
Signature Date 13 Jul 2020
Planned Completion Date 30 Jun 2023
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Social
DAC Sector Code 12110
Environmental Category 3
Commitment U.A 6,463,544
Status Implementation

Project General Description

The proposed programme will support the Eastern and Horn of African Member States and the Union of Comoros, response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, East and Horn of Africa region reported around 8600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 259 deaths. The distribution is changing rapidly and varies by country; Burundi (42) and Comoros (34), Djibouti (1618), Eritrea (39), Ethiopia (365), Kenya (963), Rwanda (308), Uganda (260), Tanzania (509), Seychelles (11), Somalia (1502), South Sudan (282) and Sudan (2728). The public health interventions to contain COVID-19 have one thing in common—reducing economic and social activities, with households and businesses losing income and the government losing tax revenue. The countries also developed COVID-19 multisectoral emergency and medium-term response plans of an estimated budget of US$100 billion. Member states’ capacity to respond to COVID-19 is further constrained by locust invasion from late 2019 that affected nine countries and continue to damage crops on a large scale. The Indian Ocean Dipole that resulted in flooding across several East African countries in 2019 has also constrained countries capacity. The operation will strengthen pandemic rapid response by enhancing laboratory testing capacity, strengthening surveillance and early detection of future pandemics. The total cost of the programme is UA 7,000,000. Based on the current epidemiological profile of the COVID-19 outbreak and the technical knowledge base available, the operation will support the following initiatives: (i) Containing the Spread of COVID19. Specifically, the component will support provision of equipment and supplies and training of health workers. (ii) Strengthening Regional Coordination. The component will support activities to strengthen the coordination by the RECs response to reinforce regional surveillance systems to control cross-border transmissions while safeguarding cross-border trade flows and crews. (iii) Programme Management. The component will support activities critical for ensuring effective and efficient management of the Programme activities.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the operation is to reduce the incidence and mortality in the Eastern African region due to COVID-19 pandemic and other disease outbreaks. The project specific objectives include: (i) increase support for infection prevention and control plus case management; (ii) strengthen health system and epidemiological surveillance; and (iii) improve regional coordination and strategic guidance to member states.


The project targets the East Africa Community (EAC) for the benefit of thirteen (13) Regional Member States and IGAD Members plus the Union of the Comoros.

Participating Organization

African Development Fund


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-IB0-035
Last Update 01 Feb 2023


Contact Details

Name OWITI Elizabeth Anyango

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