Multinational - Africa SME Program - Inclusive Growth and Job Creation FAPA - Technical Assistance Request

Project Summary

Approval Date 22 Jul 2013
Signature Date 22 Jul 2013
Planned Completion Date 22 Jul 2021
Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign
Sector Multi-Sector
DAC Sector Code 32130
Commitment U.A 2,802,022.09
Status Implementation

Project General Description

This project seeks USD 3.98 mln from FAPA resources to provide Technical Assistance (TA) and capacity building to up to 25 smaller SME focused financial institutions (FIs), operating in Regional Member Countries (RMCs) in all of the 5 regions of Africa, in particular Low Income Countries and Fragile States. The overall AfDB’s Africa SME support Program (ASME or “the Program”) has a funding component and a TA component. The TA component provides technical support to strengthen and capacitate the FIs to improve operational efficiencies (in areas such as credit assessment, risk management, MIS, etc) to better support SMEs. The funding component extends medium to long term loans of USD 125 mln in total to approximately 25 SME focused FIs. This TA component is also linked to EPSA (Enhanced Private Sector Assistance) and thus will be a strategic collaboration between AfDB and the Government of Japan. The TA component enhances the effect of the funding component to maximize the potential impact on private sector development in Africa. The overall TA Component will be divided into five separate sub-components as follows: (i) Project planning and preparation, procurement of consultants; (ii) Needs Assessment, drafting of ToRs; (iii) Capacity Building of FIs (including training, operational policies strengthening, ESMS review, etc); (iv) TA Program Management, Monitoring and Quality Assurance; (v) Program Communication and Publicity Activities.

Project Objectives

The objective of the TA support component is to address specific weaknesses in the operational structures of usually smaller SME focused FIs (including MFIs up-scaling to service SMEs) which are hampering them from effectively supporting SMEs.


The beneficiaries are 20 to 25 SME focused FIs (Financial Institution including banks, micro-finance institutions, non-bank financial institutions, etc.) who will receive support under the Africa SME Program.

Participating Organization

Fund for African Private Sector Assistance
African Development Bank (ADB)


IATI identifier 46002-P-Z1-KB0-007
Last Update 04 Dec 2020


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