IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-BW-K00-005 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign BOTSWANA - Economic Recovery Support Program – Phase II (ERSP II 136,640,199 Approved 30 Nov 2022
46002-P-LS-E00-008 Lesotho Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign LESOTHO - Lesotho Lowlands Water Development and Sanitation Project, Phase 3 10,000,000 Approved 30 Nov 2022
46002-P-SN-KA0-018 Senegal Multi-Sector Sovereign SENEGAL - Resource Mobilisation and Reform Effectiveness Support Programme - Phase III (PAMRER III) 54,291,661 Approved 30 Nov 2022
46002-P-ET-E00-016 Ethiopia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign ETHIOPIA - Borana Resilient Water Development for Improved Livelihoods Program (PHASE 1) 10,720,000 Approved 21 Nov 2022
46002-P-ZM-E00-021 Zambia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Zambia - Feasability study detailed design and ESIA for Lusaka city water supply improvement projet 350,000 Approved 10 Nov 2022
46002-P-CV-K00-015 Cape Verde Multi-Sector Sovereign Cabo verde - E-Governance and Public Administration Modernisation Program (E-PAMP) 15,811,901 Approved 09 Nov 2022
46002-P-SN-E00-008 Senegal Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Senegal - Access to Water and Sanitation Services for Sustainable Resilience in Disadvantaged Areas Project 31,342,336 Implementation 09 Nov 2022
46002-P-SS-KF0-007 South Sudan Multi-Sector Sovereign South Sudan - Institutional Support Project for Strengthening Economic Governance 7,030,000 Approved 09 Nov 2022
46002-P-MG-EAZ-001 Madagascar Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign PPF PROJET MOBILISATION, PROTECTION VALORISATION DE LA RESSOURCE EN EAU ET RENFORCEMENT RES. 2,499,850 Approved 08 Nov 2022
46002-P-TG-J00-001 Togo Urban Development Sovereign Togo - Technical Assistance for the Feasibility Studies for the Project to build 20000 affordable Housing Units 3,750,000 Approved 04 Nov 2022
46002-P-Z1-K00-136 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Regional Institutional Support Project for Public Financial Governance Phase II (RISPFG) 1,710,000 Approved 03 Nov 2022
46002-P-Z1-KF0-075 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Regional Institutional Support Project for Public Financial Governance Phase II (RISPFG) 3,000,000 Approved 03 Nov 2022
46002-P-GW-KA0-010 Guinea-Bissau Multi-Sector Sovereign Guinea-Bissau - Public Administration Management Support Project (PAGAP) 6,067,340 Approved 02 Nov 2022
46002-P-LS-KF0-005 Lesotho Multi-Sector Sovereign Lesotho - Institutional Support Project For Debt and Expenditure Management (ISPDEM) 2,000,000 Approved 26 Oct 2022
46002-P-TZ-I00-003 Tanzania, United Republic of Social Sovereign Tanzania - Project Appraisal Report Skills Development for Youth Employability in the Blue Economy Project 35,000,000 Approved 26 Oct 2022