IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-G-Z2-H00-ZZZ-003 Multinational Finance Sovereign Report on the observance of Standards & Codes 50,354 Completion 21 May 2010
46002-P-ZA-HA0-003 South Africa Finance Non Sovereign South Africa - Line of Credit to the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa 138,816,588 Completion 19 May 2010
46002-P-CI-HA0-001 Cote d'Ivoire Finance Sovereign Côte D'Ivoire - Equity Participation in "MicroCred Côte d’Ivoire" 737,001 Completion 16 Apr 2010
46002-P-Z1-HAA-060 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Banque de Développement des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale (BDEAC) - FAPA Grant 646,985 Completion 05 Feb 2010
46002-P-MA-HZ0-003 Morocco Finance Sovereign Morocco - The Financial Sector Development Support Programme 127,015,986 Completion 09 Dec 2009
46002-P-Z1-H00-002 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - African Trade Insurance 649,350 Completion 22 Oct 2009
46002-405054 Multinational Finance Sovereign African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) for Analytical Work & consolidation Meeting 2009-2011 91,228 Completion 09 Oct 2009
46002-P-NG-HA0-003 Nigeria Finance Sovereign Nigeria - ABN Microfinance Bank Nigeria (ABN) - TA 651,856 Completion 01 Sep 2009
46002-P-TZ-HA0-005 Tanzania, United Republic of Finance Sovereign Access Bank of Tanzania Technical Assistance FAPA Grant 430,225 Completion 05 Aug 2009
46002-P-NG-HAB-013 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Line of Credit to Zenith Bank Plc under the Emergency Liquidity Facility 36,245,279 Completion 22 Jul 2009
46002-P-NG-HAB-014 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Line of Credit to the United Bank for Africa Plc under the Emergency Liquidity Facility 32,592,824 Completion 22 Jul 2009
46002-P-NG-HAB-015 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Line of Credit to the United Bank for Africa Plc under the Trade Finance Initiative 65,185,648 Completion 22 Jul 2009
46002-P-ZM-HB0-002 Zambia Finance Sovereign Zambia - Technical Assistance Project for Zambia Pulse Financial Services 607,142 Completion 13 Jul 2009
46002-P-Z1-HAA-017 Multinational Finance Non Sovereign Multinational - Line of Credit to the Company for Habitat and Housing in Africa ("Shelter-Afrique") 21,031,673 Completion 18 Feb 2009
46002-404171 South Africa Finance Sovereign Collaboration en matière de réforme budgétaire africaine (CABRI) 176,925 Completion 03 Dec 2008