IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-H00-063 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Domestic debt markets development in the West African Monetary Zone 1,500,000 Implementation 13 Oct 2020
46002-P-MG-HAZ-001 Madagascar Finance Sovereign Madagascar - SME Business Linkages Program 1,000,000 Implementation 15 May 2020
46002-P-MU-H00-004 Mauritius Finance Sovereign Mauritius - Stock Exchange Mauritius (SEM) Project 430,000 Implementation 27 Apr 2020
46002-P-Z1-HZ0-037 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Business Linkages on East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline Project 1,086,959 Implementation 11 Feb 2020
46002-P-Z1-HB0-064 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational – Project for Digitisation of Government Payments in the Mano River Union (DIGIGOV_MRU) countries – Guinea 1,258,000 Implementation 25 Nov 2019
46002-P-Z1-HAA-093 Multinational Finance Non Sovereign Multinational - COMESA Regional Trade and Project Finance Support Facility - Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) 146,347,531 Implementation 17 Jul 2019
46002-P-Z1-HZ0-038 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - East African Community Payment and Settlement Systems Integration Project (EAC-PSSIP) - South Sudan 4,800,000 Implementation 17 Jul 2019
46002-P-MG-HZ0-001 Madagascar Finance Sovereign Madagascar - Africa Disaster Risks Financing Progamme (ADRIFI) 1,500,000 Implementation 30 May 2019
46002-P-KE-HB0-009 Kenya Finance Sovereign Kenya - Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC) 76,023,144 Implementation 15 May 2019
46002-P-BW-HAA-004 Botswana Finance Non Sovereign Botswana - Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) 55,526,635 Implementation 24 Apr 2019
46002-P-NG-H00-011 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Infrastructure Credit Guarantee Company Limited (INFRACREDIT) 10,599,517 Implementation 05 Apr 2019
46002-P-Z1-HZ0-034 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Africa Disaster Risk Financing (ADRiFi) Programme in The Gambia 900,000 Implementation 27 Feb 2019
46002-P-BF-HAA-001 Burkina Faso Finance Sovereign Burkina Faso - Support Project for Establishing an Agribusiness Bank (PACBA) 15,000,000 Implementation 14 Dec 2018
46002-P-Z1-HAA-091 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Capacity Building Support Project of the Maghreb Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (BMICE) 356,000 Implementation 12 Dec 2018
46002-P-NG-HAB-042 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Fidelity Bank PLC 34,704,147 Implementation 10 Oct 2018